Taxicab Business Licence

Application for Sale Transfer of Taxicab Business Licence

Anyone wishing to purchase an existing taxicab business licence must complete the application for sale transfer form and provide all documents required for the transfer of a taxicab business licence. 

Application for a Taxicab Business Licence

The Provincial Government recently announced a new Bill 30, The Local Vehicles For Hire Act that is currently before the Manitoba Legislature. If passed and enacted, the new Act would provide a framework for Manitoba Municipalities, including the City of Winnipeg, to create by laws for the licencing and regulation of taxicabs and Transportation Network Companies. 
At this time, the Taxicab Board is not accepting or scheduling applications for taxicab business licences.
We encourage you to review a copy of Bill 30, which can be viewed at:

If you would like information on how to apply for a Taxicab Business Licence, please contact the Taxicab Board Office at 204-945-8919 or email


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