Compliments and Complaints

The Taxicab Board office appreciates all compliments and takes all complaints seriously.  If you have a compliment or a complaint that you would like to file with our office please complete the corresponding form.   If the complaint is of a criminal nature, please call the Winnipeg Police Service.
  • Compliment Form
When completing your statement to the Taxicab Board office, please ensure to include as much of the following information as possible (Date, Time, Location, Taxicab Number, Licence Number, Company Name, Sequence of Events, Any Pertinent Conversation, Driver Description, Witnesses)
Please be sure to also include your contact information should our compliance officers have any follow up questions for you in regards to the incident.
To allow Compliance Officers to collect critical evidence in respect to your complaint, please be sure to file your complaint within 7 days of the incident.  You may wish to call our office directly at 204-945-8919.
Once the form is completed please send it to our office by way of:
·        Mail:  200-301 Weston St. Winnipeg, MB  R3E 3H4
·        E-mail :
·        Fax :  204-948-2315
We appreciate you taking the time to voice your concerns.