Non-Profit Organizations (NPO) Portal

Governing an NPO

Governance Resources, Tools and Links

This website offers The Roles, Responsibilities and Functions of a Board a Board Development Guide to promote awareness of the basic responsibilities and functions expected of a governing board and its members.

The Community Economic Development site gives an overview of the key principles that inform community economic development.

Volunteer Manitoba and the Canada/Manitoba Business Service Centre partnered to develop the Creating a Non-Profit Organization guide that provides information on a range of topics from incorporation, to governance, to registering an NPO.

The Imagine Canada online library website offers guides, policies, templates and a range of other resources for starting, operating and governing an NPO and specific information on NPO Board Governance.

The Institute on Governance website offers information on the principles, standards and practices that support good governance in the public sphere in Canada and abroad.

The Mentoring Canada website is a program of Big Brothers Big Sisters Canada that offers a free online training course for board members that can be linked through: Fundamentals of Effective Board Involvement.

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