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Norway House


Kennedy returned from his journey home to Orkney and took up his duties on October 2, 1820, as master at Norway House. The year passed quietly and ended with the arrival of the governor from York Factory with his servants on April 2, 1821 and the union of the Hudsonís Bay Company and the North West Company. With that union, many of the past concerns about trade and personal safety were erased

In March 1821, an agreement was reached for the Hudsonís Bay Company and the North West Company to conduct the fur trade business as a joint concern. The Deed Poll of 1821 was the legal instrument that determined how the trade was to be conducted, the number of commissioned officers the company would have, and how they were to share in the profits of the fur trade. Kennedy was one of the officers of the HBC who, along with former North West Company chief factors and traders, were named in the agreement.