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Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development

Report a Rare Species

Please read this first:

  1. Fields with * are required. Other fields should be filled out if known.

  2. This form should be completed by the person who made the observation and is for reporting first-hand on-site field observations; do not use this form to report second or third hand data from a letter, report, or conversation. Send us a copy of the letter, report, memo, etc. and we will process it in another manner.

  3. Complete one form per observation.

  4. Or you can download and print a PDF version of this form. If printing this form, please attach a copy of a topographic map indicating the location/boundary of the species/plant community. Mail or fax (945-3077) the form and map to the address/fax number indicated on the PDF form.

  5. Please submit any supplementary data to

Please enter one or both* of the following two fields.

, or

  • legal description (quarter-section-township-range-meridian);
  • Global Positioning System (GPS) coordinates (please provide datum (NAD83, NAD27) and zone (e.g. 14) if using UTM), or;
  • describe the location by referring to nearby topographic landmarks and road or street names. Include distances or mileage whenever possible.



Confidence of Identification:

Photo/Slide Taken?

Specimen/Voucher Collected?    If yes:

Total number of animals (adults, juveniles, nests, etc.) or plants (flowering, fruits, stems, dense, scattered, flower colour etc.) observed. Specify if precise count or estimate.

Plant communities, dominants, associated species, other rare species, substrates, soils, aspect, slope, etc.

Habitat Quality:

Management and Protection

Landowner(s) or Manager(s): Include name / address /phone/e-mail

Current Land Use: crop, cattle, hay, idle, etc.

Visible Disturbance and Possible Threats:

Conservation/Management Needs:

Contact Information