Climate Change and Air Quality Branch

With a new climate change agreement recently completed in Paris, the world is poised to take action on reducing carbon emissions and shifting to a green economy. Manitoba is prepared to continue to do its part, in partnership with the Government of Canada.

Climate change is the defining global environmental issue of our time. The science around climate change is clear and conclusive. The world's climate is changing and human activities are rapidly accelerating this change. The time for action is now.

A Made-in-Manitoba Climate Action Plan is currently under development. It will contain the following elements:

  • Carbon pricing that fosters emissions reduction, keeps investment capital here and stimulates new innovation in clean energy, business and jobs;
  • Land-use and conservation measures that sequester carbon and foster adaptation to climate change;
  • Measures to reduce emissions from commercial buildings through building codes and other measures putting government operations and infrastructure on a path to carbon-neutrality; and
  • Measures to encourage the adoption of fuel savings technologies within the transportation sector.

Manitoba’s Air Quality Program

Green house gas emissions are usually considered in the global perspective. However these emission sources and other air quality concerns in Manitoba usually tend to be of a localized nature. Some Air Quality impacts may include the presence of odours, noise and other air pollutants. The sources for green house gasses and other airborne pollutants include industrial operations, vehicle emissions, man-made substances released to the atmosphere and other specific activities. While all these localized events reflect the cumulative nature of global climate change, they also reflect the potential for individual and local actions to have on solving climate problems.

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