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Sustainable Development

Pesticide Section - Pesticide Use Permits

Guide to Applicants for Pesticide Use Permits (revised March 2011)

Pesticide Use Permit Application Form (revised October 2006)

Pesticides Regulation 94/88R (pdf 80KB)
Pesticides Regulation, amendment 47/2004 (pdf 61KB)

Ensure that all persons employed to do the work under the Permit hold a valid applicator's licence from Manitoba Agriculture and that they are in possession of a copy of the permit and understand all the terms and conditions.

Section 10 of the Manitoba Regulation 94/88R, states: "Before the end of the calendar year for which a pesticide use permit is issued, the permit holder shall submit to the Department a final report on a form provided by the Department".

A Post Seasonal Report Form must be submitted by all permit holders before the end of the calendar year to Manitoba Conservation at the address located on the Form. Please remind the applicators that they are legally required to maintain records of all pesticide applications and to provide you with the necessary information.

If you need paper forms, additional information, or further clarification please contact Randy Webber.