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Flin Flon Air Quality & Related Information

Flin Flon and Sulphur Dioxide
Effects on People and the Environment

Current Sulphur Dioxide Levels in the Flin Flon Area
Hourly Averages of sulphur dioxide from the five active monitoring sites over the last 24-hours.
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Quarterly Reports on Flin Flon Area Air Quality

First Quarter

Second Quarter

Previous Flin Flon Area Report(s)

  1. 2009 Reports
  2. 2008 Reports
  3. 2007 Reports

Air Emissions and other Releases to the Environment in the Flin Flon Area
The federal government’s National Pollutant Release Inventory (NPRI) reports information on releases to the environment from facilities across Canada.

Manitoba Conservation Study of the Concentration of Metals and other Elements in Surface Soils of Flin Flon, Manitoba and Creighton, Saskatchewan, 2006
Full Report

Flin Flon Human Health Risk Assessment of Metals in Soils