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Odour Nuisance Management

Manitoba Conservation recently reviewed its strategy for managing odour nuisance from Developments subject to Licencing under its Environment Act (or subject to its Dangerous Goods Handling and Transportation Act). (For odours from agricultural operations, please refer to the Farm Practices Protection Board.

The review confirmed that the current approach, in operation since the mid-1990s, is effective for the management of odours, especially for newly constructed facilities or operations. Addressing odours from existing facilities, however, can still be challenging at times.

As a result of this review, a number of changes has been implemented by Manitoba Conservation, including:

  1. enhanced technical scrutiny of Development licencing applications to avoid or greatly minimize the potential for odour issues to arise once the Development is licenced and operating,
  2. improved administration of the odour nuisance clauses in the Licences, especially the requirement for remedial action plans which may be needed to resolve odour nuisance situations, and
  3. a revised complaint form for the public to document odour nuisance concerns.

An overview of the revised odour nuisance management strategy (résumé de la stratégie de gestion des nuisances olfactives) is available.

If you have questions or concerns about odours from a Development subject to this strategy, please contact the nearest Regional Office.  You may be requested to complete the complaint form (formulaire de plainte en matiére de nuisance olfactive ), which would then be mailed or delivered to that office.

(revised October 28, 2008)