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Cosmetic Use of Pesticides Consultation 2016

The Cosmetic Use of Pesticides Consultation 2016 is now closed. All comments received are under review. Thank you for your interest and participation.

Background and Scope of the Legislation

Legislation concerning the sale and use of "cosmetic pesticides" took effect in 2015 with amendments to The Environment Act and the enactment of the Non-Essential Pesticide Use Regulation. The legislation restricts the sale and use of cosmetic pesticides for lawn care in Manitoba and prohibits the use of certain cosmetic pesticides on lawns and adjoining properties of residential, commercial, government and institutional properties.

The intent of the legislation is to reduce exposure of people and pets to pesticides used in lawn care for non-essential ("cosmetic") purposes. The regulation restricts the application of the act to herbicides only and identifies a list of allowable herbicides that can be used unrestricted for the non-essential control of weeds.

The legislation applies to:

  • lawns and adjoining areas (sidewalks, driveways and patios) of residential, commercial, government, and institutional properties
  • any exterior property of a school, hospital or child care centre and includes parking areas, pathways, any area around play structures where children play or have access
  • retailers who sell domestic class pesticides

Restricted herbicides can still be:

  • used in the agricultural sector (including ornamental, vegetable and fruit gardens)
  • used in forestry activities, golf course operations, and use on turf or sod farms
  • used to protect public health or safety for which no effective alternative exists
  • used to control poisonous or invasive species
  • used to control noxious weeds by a noxious weeds inspectors under the authority of The Noxious Weeds Act
  • sold by retailers under certain conditions (secured and not directly accessible to the public) for purposes exempted from the ban under the regulations

How Other Pesticide Legislation is Applied in Manitoba

Manitoba Sustainable Development administers a permitting process for the use of pesticides on public land by weed control districts, municipalities, railways, utilities, school divisions and golf courses in accordance with The Pesticides Regulation under The Environment Act. Permits list the products approved for use and specify where and when these products can be applied.

Manitoba Agriculture administers The Pesticides and Fertilizers License Regulation under The Pesticides and Fertilizers Control Act requiring retail pesticide dealers and commercial pesticide applicators to be certified and licensed. However, these statutes do not require such licensing for retailers or users of “domestic class” products (for home use) or for agricultural own-use.

Manitoba Agriculture is also responsible for The Noxious Weeds Act and The Plant Pest and Diseases Act. The Noxious Weeds Act has recently been amended to allow categorization of weeds. This act amendment has received Royal Assent but has not yet been proclaimed awaiting completion of regulations.

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