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Government of Manitoba
Sustainable Development

Got a Sick Tree?

Responses to this questionnaire will help Sustainable Development`s Forestry and Peatland Management Branch to:
  • Identify the most likely native pests affecting your trees and email information.
  • Identify invasive pests (such as emerald ash borer), so that the branch can respond quickly to outbreaks.
Before treating any tree pest problem, have an expert examine a sample. To find an expert, check the Yellow Pages under Nursery/Garden Centres or Tree Service for an insured licensed arborist.

This personal information is being collected under the authority of Section 36(1)(b) of The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA). The information, protected by the protection of privacy provisions of FIPPA, may be used for contacting individuals to obtain additional information or to provide information on forest pests and diseases. If you have any questions about the collection of personal information, you can contact the Access and Privacy Coordinator at 204-945-4170.

*Required Information - We require your e-mail address to respond.

How to use the "Sick" Tree Questionnaire:

  • Complete a separate "Sick" Tree questionnaire for each tree species.
  • Print the pdf version and use as a check list to identify symptoms on your tree.
  • Answers as many questions as possible by checking all applicable boxes.
  • If you cannot submit your questionnaire, scroll back looking for red asterisks (*) and complete the required information.

1. Tree foliage: (Must select either Needles or Leaves) Tree has NEEDLES (If coniferous, select only one species)
Tree has LEAVES (If deciduous, select only one species)
* 2. Is your tree located in a: (Must select at least one)
  • City/Town yard
  • Farmyard
  • Acreage
  • Shelterbelt
  • Small bluff
  • Large stand
  • Along a river/stream
* 3. Is your tree health problem on: (Must select one)
  • One tree
  • A few trees
  • Most trees
* 4. Is your tree: (Must select one)
  • Natural
  • Planted
* 5. Estimated tree age (Must select one)
  • 1 year
  • 2-5 years
  • 6 to 30 years
  • 31-60 years
  • 60+ years
  • Don't know
*6. Best Description of Tree's Soil Moisture (Must select one per column)
Soil moisture This growing season Previous 2 years
Drier than usual
Normal moisture
Wetter than usual
Flooded for up to 2 weeks
Flooded more than 2 weeks
7. Site disturbance: (Select all that apply)

Have any of the following happened under or near the tree in the last 5 years?
  • Construction (digging/trenching, house addition etc.)
  • Landscaping (removing/adding soil, patio/fence, pool, hot tub etc.)
  • Increased traffic (removing/adding sidewalk, driveway etc.)
8. Location of symptom(s): (Select one)
  • Branches (If Branches have symptoms, go to 11)
  • Trunk or main stem (If Trunk has symptoms, go to 12)
11. Branch has: (If Branch has symptoms, select all applicable symptoms)
  • New growth that is dying
  • Cracks/splits in bark (and oozing)
  • Dense silky webs
  • Large clusters of (blackish) seeds/flowers
  • Knobby growths or swelling (If applicable, select one of the following)

12. Tree trunk or main stem has: (If Trunk has symptoms, select all applicable symptoms)
  • Wet bark streaks and slimly fluid
  • Whitish grey wax dripping down trunk
  • Many new shoots at/new ground level
  • Trunk bark has 1/16 to 3/8 inch (1mm to 1 cm) holes that are: (If applicable, select one of the following)

13. Previous treatment
  • Tree was treated previously to control a pest (Select only if applicable)
    Tree was pruned: (Select only if applicable)