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Timber Sale Auctions

Salvage Timber Auction

Auction Date - 2:00 pm Thursday November 30, 2017

Western Region
Aspen Parkland Forest Section
Forest Management Unit # 7

Auction Number
Volume m³
Type of Wood
Minimum bid
1,256 m³
Hardwood - Tornado Salvage

NE20-18-17 Auction Notice

NE20-18-17 Auction Map

NE20-18-17 Auction Tender Form

Manitoba Sustainable Development, Forestry and Peatlands Branch provides the opportunity to harvest timber from Provincial Crown Land by allocating timber harvesting rights. Manitoba allocates the majority of the timber harvest by the means of Forest Management Licence (FML) Agreements, Timber Sale Agreements and Timber Permits. In addition, Manitoba has a history of offering public Timber Sale Auctions.

Information on all auctions will be available from the following sources:

Results of the auctions can be obtained in the following ways:

  • from this web page within 7 days of the auction closing date

  • by contacting the Manitoba Sustainable Development Forestry and Peatlands Branch head office in Winnipeg at 945-7862.

Auction Fact Sheet

Results of Timber Sale Auctions

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