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Sustainable Development

Lands Branch


Treaty Land Entitlement Program

The branch is responsible for the timely review and transfer to Canada of Crown lands selected by Entitlement First Nations to fulfill obligations under the Treaty Land Entitlement Framework Agreement. 

The Treaty Land Entitlement unit utilizes ArcView GIS to identify land selection locations, produce shapefiles for distribution to other departments and agencies for review, calculate acreages, display previous dispositions, and produce reports for Manitoba, Canada, and First Nations.  The detailed record keeping, tracking and issue resolution processes carried out by the unit is much admired and utilized by the parties involved.

The branch also participates in an all party committee to develop agreed forms for the transfer of lands between Canada and Manitoba and works with other branches and regions within the department to develop methods and procedures for the delivery of programs to ensure compliance with the terms of the Framework Agreement.

Over 969,705 acres of Crown land have been selected by entitlement First Nations and reviewed by the branch. Approximately 850,210 acres have been deemed eligible for transfer to Canada upon completion of surveys and environmental assessments by Canada, To date, nearly 565,309 acres have been transferred to Canada, of which 552,051 acres have been designated as Reserve.
Crown lands are transferred according to the Natural Resources Transfer Agreement, including mines and minerals and other interests normally reserved to the province under The Crown Lands Act or any other statute.  

Other Aboriginal Land Settlement Programs and Exchanges

The branch is also involved in negotiation and administration of non Treaty Land Entitlement agreements such as those arising from flooding claims and land exchanges. These agreements involve approximately 500,000 acres.  Individual implementation agreements are executed in several instances while others are achieved through consensus building and agreement of terms.  The branch is involved in all levels of discussion and is responsible for successful execution of associated documents.

Successful delivery of the program areas is accomplished through a concerted effort of numerous Manitoba Departments lead by Conservation and Water Stewardship and Aboriginal and Northern Affairs, the Federal Departments of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada and Natural Resources Canada, First Nations’ Chief and Councils and their representatives and numerous affected stakeholders.  Ability to resolve multi-jurisdictional issues and span regulatory gaps is of key concern.