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Little Limestone Lake Park Reserve

Little Limestone lake
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Little Limestone Lake

Land Designation

Park Reserve

Landscape Description

The 4,095 hectare Little Limestone Lake Park Reserve is located amid unique "karst" (limestone) geology in the Manitoba Lowlands region.  Located just north of Grand Rapids, this distinctive landscape is pockmarked with sinkholes and underlain by caves that have been largely shaped by the dissolving action of water on the limestone bedrock.

Outstanding Features

Little Limestone Lake is a majestic turquoise body of water.  It is a marl lake that visibly changes colour as the calcite in the water, dissolved from the limestone bedrock, chemically reacts to the heat of the sun.  On hot days the water turns a rich milky blue.  It is considered by experts to be the largest and most outstanding example of a marl lake in the world.

The Little Limestone Lake Park Reserve lies in the traditional territory of Mosakahiken Cree NationAll of the eastern shore of the lake is reserve land and the community will play a role in managing and protecting the lake.

Little Limestone Lake overlies the Thompson Nickel Belt, an area of high mineral potential.  The park reserve was designated in co-operation with the mining industry.  Xstrata Corporation made protection of Little Limestone Lake possible by removing its mining claims under and adjacent to the lake.

Designation of Little Limestone Lake as a park reserve will provide protection for the lake while allowing time for a public review to take place on management of the lake and the future of this area.  Little Limestone Lake Park Reserve is categorized as an IUCN (World Conservation Union) protected area management category III, that is, a protected area managed mainly for conservation of a specific natural feature of outstanding or unique value.