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Sustainable Development

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Land Programs Branch

Peatlands Stewardship Strategy

On April 30, 2014, Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship (CWS) publicly released its Peatlands Stewardship Strategy, inviting comment. The strategy document was shared with Aboriginal organizations, First Nation communities and other groups that had expressed interest in the strategy’s development, encouraging further feedback. Comments were received from industry, environmental non-government organizations and the public and have been summarized in the What We Heard  document.

Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship has released a new provincial
Peatlands Stewardship Strategy (PSS). Learn More

The vision of the PSS is for healthy, well- managed peatland ecosystems that are able to provide valued ecological goods and services, including responsible economic development opportunities.

The PSS is a priority initiative under the TomorrowNow – Manitoba’s Green Plan.  The PSS is an overall policy that will integrate and co-ordinate efforts to manage and protect peatlands. The Strategy will seek a balance of conservation and sustainable development so peatlands can continue to provide important ecosystem goods and services and enhance social benefits.

The PSS will promote the protection and responsible development of peatlands and recognize the various interests of Manitobans.  Key themes include:

  • Peatlands Stewardship
  • Integrated Environmental Protection
  • Responsible Harvesting and Restoration
  • Scientific Management
  • Public Engagement

A cornerstone of the Strategy is the introduction of The Peatlands Stewardship and Related Amendments Act aimed at: protecting Crown peatlands, regulating sustainable commercial development of peat and the recovery of peatlands.

The Peatland Stewardship Strategy is available for public review until August 1, 2014.