Sustainable Development

Aquatic Invasive Species

Water-related Equipment

Water-related equipment is a broad term that means equipment used in water. Examples include docks, boat lifts, boat trailers, fishing gear, bait buckets, recreational water equipment, ropes, personal floatation devices or waders. Regulations are now in place to prevent the spread of AIS by this type of equipment.

Requirements prior to placing water-related equipment into a Manitoba water body:
The water-related equipment must be free of AIS, aquatic plants and mud. All the standing water must be drained, disposed of on land away from any water body.

When water-related equipment is being removed from a Manitoba water body:
The equipment must be inspected and be free of aquatic invasive species and aquatic plants. In addition, all the water must be drained before it is transported away from the shore of the water body.

When water-related equipment has been removed from a water body in Manitoba, a person must not place the water-related equipment into another water body unless the equipment is completely dry or it has been decontaminated in accordance with either of:

In addition to general provisions, more strict measures are in place where AIS, such as zebra mussels have established. These areas are called control zones. Control zones are areas in which AIS have been found or are expected to spread. The stricter measures pertaining to control zones are in addition to the general cleaning provisions and they apply to water-related equipment being removed from a control zone.


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