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Trapping in Manitoba

Trapper Education Graduate crestMandatory Trapper Education

A Manitoba resident wishing to obtain a trapping licence is required by Regulation 245/90 - Section 4(1) to satisfactorily complete the Trapper Education Course.

A Manitoba resident who has previously held a trapping licence or permit from Manitoba or another province, is not required to take this training. There are two mandatory trapper training options available to first-time trappers:

  1. Borrow a manual from any Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship district office and complete a multiple-choice question examination. A passing mark of 80 per cent is required. If this is not achieved, a second examination may be written later.
  2. Attend a Trapper Education Course and then write the exam.

Persons under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a licensed trapper when engaged in trapping activities in the field.

Trapper education is an important part of furbearer management in Manitoba. Courses may be available on request and are usually two days or three evenings. Subject areas covered include:

  • History of the Fur Trade
  • Trapline Management
  • Furbearer Biology
  • Public Awareness
  • Animal Rights
  • Trapping Equipment
  • Boarding (forming)
  • Fur Marketing
  • First Aid
  • Humane Trapping
  • Problem Animal Control Methods
  • Furbearer Management
  • Acts and Regulations
  • Trapper Ethics
  • Skinning
  • Fur Grading
  • Trap Research
  • Video Presentations

For further information, please contact the nearest Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship district office or the Manitoba Trappers Association at 204-345-9107.