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AgeFriendly Manitoba


Mayor Eileen Clarke - Interview


Dr. Lisa Warth - Interview


Dr. Jane Barrat - Interview


Louise Plouffe - Interview

For a list of all the communities that have joined the initiative visit age-friendly communities.

News Releases

June 25, 2013 Manitoba Honours 10 Communities for Age-Friendly Initiatives
October 15, 2012 Age-friendly Manitoba Initiatives to Provide New Support for Communities Working to Make Life Better for Seniors: Premier
June 4, 2012 Five Manitoba Communities Honoured for Age-friendly Initiatives
December 2, 2011 Province Announces Thirteen more Communities join Manitoba's Age-Friendly Movement - Communities Gather in Winnipeg for Age-friendly Orientation: Rondeau
June 3, 2011 Province Expands SafetyAid Program - Rondeau Leads First Age-Friendly Walk
June 2, 2011 Province Launches Age-friendly Initiative to Build Bridges Between Youth, Seniors
May 30, 2011 Province Celebrates Age-friendly Communities: Rondeau

Age-Friendly Manitoba Charter

Age-Friendly Website and Resource Team

In spring 2011, the new Age-Friendly Website was introduced. The Age-Friendly Manitoba Website is an online resource centre that will provide Age-Friendly Manitoba communities with information, discussion opportunities, resources, and will identify key persons to assist communities in becoming more Age-Friendly.

In collaboration with the Centre on Aging at the University of Manitoba, Manitoba has developed the following supports that will assist communities in becoming more age-friendly:

  • The Age-Friendly Resource Team will assist with getting communities mobilized, conduct community consultations, and provide on-going support. The team is comprised of older adults with a strong background in community development.

Please visit at www.agefriendlymanitoba.ca for information on Age-Friendly or to contact the Age-Friendly Resource Team.


SHAS has contracted with the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce (MCC) to consult with local businesses in the 29 AFMI communities to determine how they can contribute to Age Friendly and their community; and at the same time benefit from being a part of AFMI.  Information gathered will cover a number of issues including:  

  • favorable workplace factors that attract older adults;
  • employment opportunities for older adults; and,
  • business opportunities for MCC members in meeting the product and services needs of older adults who live in their communities.   

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