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World Elder Abuse Awareness Day in Manitoba

History of the Day

In 2006, the International Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse (INPEA) developed and launched World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEAAD) on June 15th.  The theme “My World, Your World, Our World-Free of Elder Abuse” was created to stress the need for people from across the world to come together to understand what elder abuse is and how it can be prevented.

On this day, communities across Manitoba held various types of events to increase awareness of the issue. Included amongst these events was the Provincial World Elder Abuse Awareness Day Event held at the legislative building where the Minister responsible for Seniors officially proclaimed June 15th as World Elder Abuse Awareness Day in Manitoba.  Also during this event, the Minister announced an expansion to the Provincial Elder Abuse Strategy which included:

  • Support for the development of the Prevent Elder Abuse Manitoba network, whose mission is to act as a central point of contact for provincial efforts and to support community prevention initiatives;
  • The development of safe accommodations for older adults leaving abusive relationships; and
  • Research by RESOLVE Manitoba focusing on legislative frameworks to address elder abuse.

Planning an Event

Since 2005, Manitoba has been a leader in Canada in recognizing World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. WEAAD is an excellent opportunity to work together to increase awareness of abuse of older adults. In Manitoba, we are fortunate to have a web-site as a point of contact to get ideas for events; order materials; find resources and connect with others that have planned successful events. Please visit for more ideas and to register your event.  

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

Please remember that raising awareness about the abuse of older adults is everyone's responsibility. Look for opportunities in your community to bring this issue forward and ensure that older adults know where to get help.

Financial Abuse Prevention

Over the past few years, the Forum of Federal/Provincial/Territorial (F/P/T) Ministers Responsible for Seniors has undertaken a number of initiatives to address and prevent the financial abuse of seniors. The most recent product developed by the Forum  is an information brochure titled “What every older Canadian should know about Powers of Attorney (for financial matters and property) and Joint Bank Accounts”.

This brochure identifies some of the risks, benefits and possible unintended consequences of granting someone a Power of Attorney or opening a joint bank account. It is meant to assist older adults and their families to initiate conversations regarding the use and misuse of these two financial management tools and help support informed decision-making.

The brochure is available online here.

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