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Air Quality Monitoring and Climate Change

Manitobans are fortunate to enjoy superb air quality. Our environment companies are dedicated to improving the air quality for other people and areas of the world.

The principal air emissions of concern of Manitoba’ organizations include greenhouse gases, sulphur dioxide, particulates and metals. Manitoba’s companies are seeking to achieve reductions of all of these emissions and they are making progress towards this objective for their clients.

In Manitoba there are many companies that are involved with air quality monitoring throughout manufacturing air filtration systems for buildings, air filters and dust collectors as well as a negative ionization system used to eliminate airborne or migrating contaminants including dirt, fibres, fumes and other materials.

Some companies are reknowned for conducting environmental assessments of indoor air quality and supplying equipment for improving indoor air quality or providing services related to environmental management; ventilation and emission control.

For more information: Environment Canada | Companies: Air

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