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Company: Trackitback

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Trackitback has solved a major consumer problem: the loss of valuable portable items (and the crucial information they often contain). In doing so, Trackitback has faced a significant challenge: our service did not even exist in the Canadian market before we came along. Trackitback has responded by translating its service into a coherent retail product, then successfully placing that product across the country in major retailers, such as London Drugs, Staples, Business Depot, and Future Shop.

Additionally, we are now using strategic partnerships to expand our service into worldwide markets, in order to offer consumer loss protection under our brand name.Our company is unique because we are the only one offering a consumer loss protection system in Canada.We differ from our American competitiors by not charging consumers shipping or service fees for recoveries and our services are available 24/7.

Contact: Mr. Jason Wagoner, President
Unit 3 - 1329 Niakwa Road, East
Winnipeg, Manitoba,
Canada R2J 3T4

Tel: 204-256-9668
Fax: 204-256-9669
Toll Free: 1-877-347-7222

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