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Manitoba's Provincial Fish!

Manitoba Sustainable Development invites you to nominate a fish you think best represents Manitoba’s fisheries resources to the rest of the world. Nominating a provincial fish will raise Manitoba’s fishery profile and provide an opportunity for Manitobans to learn more about our native fish.

Manitoba’s fisheries play a significant role in the lives, cultures, and traditions of all Manitobans. Our province has over 80 native fish species and our fisheries resources generate over $230 million annually to the provincial economy through recreational fishing, commercial harvest and tourism.

Nominations for a provincial fish will be reviewed by a volunteer committee comprised of individuals who share a passion for Manitoba’s fisheries. The committee will provide recommendations to the minister and propose the nominated fish be recommended for official adoption as an amendment to The Coat of Arms, Emblems and the Manitoba Tartan Act. The nominated provincial fish will complement Manitoba's existing provincial emblems:

  • Provincial Flower – Prairie Crocus
  • Provincial Bird – Great Gray Owl
  • Provincial Tree – White Spruce
  • Provincial Fish – YOU TELL US!

Neighbouring jurisdictions across Canada and the United States with fish emblems:

  • British Columbia – pacific salmon
  • Alberta – bull trout
  • Saskatchewan – walleye
  • Northwest Territories - arctic grayling
  • North Dakota – northern pike
  • Minnesota - walleye

Nomination submission deadline is: February 1, 2014

All native Manitoba fish species are eligible to be nominated as the provincial fish. To help you select from the great variety of fish species found in Manitoba, pictures and brief descriptions of 10 common fish species is provided. In addition, an 'other' category is available and gives you the opportunity to nominate your farourite fish if it's not listed.

When nominating a fish, please consider whether the fish species are widely distributed in Manitoba, are important and relevant to recreational, commercial and Aboriginal people, and are unique or familiar to Manitobans and visitors alike.

To submit a fish species nomination, click on this link

To download and print this information, and mail in your fish submission, click on brochure below:

For poster information, please see the following:

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