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Water Stewardship Division

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Water Use Licensing Forms and Guidelines

Water Use Applications

NOTE: Prior to construction of any works relative to your project you must contact the Water Use Licensing Section directly at (204) 945-3983 for requirements specific to your situation.

Groundwater Surface Water
Groundwater project requirements and application form Surface water project requirements and application form

Guide to Water Withdrawals

Groundwater Surface Water
Guide to Groundwater Widthdrawal Approvals  

Water Use Records

All water rights licences contain a clause requiring the proponent to install a meter or timing device on the water source. Another clause requires records be kept and forwarded to the Water Use Licensing Section, either upon request or by February 1st of the following year. Depending on the type of project, records must be kept on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

1.) Please choose the type of use:
municipal   industrial   irrigation   livestock   air cooling and/or heating  

2.) Please choose the type of recording device you have: meter   timer   inches applied

3.) Please choose how frequently your readings must be taken: daily   weekly   monthly

if you wish to submit your records via email, please use the following email adress: