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Water Stewardship Division

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Water Use Statistics

Water Use Licensing

Regulation 8 under The Water Rights Act reads as follows:

"Every holder of a licence under the Act shall keep records of his or her water use on a form approved by the Minister.

Click on this link to see examples of such forms:
Water Use Licensing Forms

The purpose of this regulation is to allow the Department to compare the annual water use of a particular licensee with the annual allocation as specified on their licence. These requirements are specified on the licence.

Please open up the link below to the current Town of Morden Licence to Use Water for Municipal Purposes. The yellow highlights show the licencing clauses that pertain to water use record keeping the maximum annual allocation authorized under the licence.
Town of Morden Water Rights Licence

Birds Hill Beach

Statistics Canada

In recent years Statistics Canada has partnered with Environment Canada and Health Canada to produce a series of related surveys on water use in various sectors of the Canadian economy. Many of these surveys are released on a biennial schedule.

Statistics Canada has a well deserved reputation for the collection and presentation of statistical data which is why we have decided to make their water use survey publications available on our web site.

Manitoba Communities

Many Manitoba Communities post information on their municipal web sites regarding water use data for their respective water utilities.

As we become aware of these sites we will post links to the relevant pages below:
City of Winnipeg

Note: Please contact Ryan Hewitt if you know of a link to a Manitoba Water Utility that we could include on this page.
Ryan Hewitt @

International Sources