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Water Stewardship Division

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Public Information - Boil Water Advisories

Dropplets of water spilled on reflective surfaceBoil Water Advisories are issued for a water system or a water source by a Medical Officer of Health (Manitoba Health) due to a confirmed or suspected bacteriological quality problem. Affected residents and businesses are notified in the event an advisory is issued and provided with instructions on precautionary measures.

Fact sheets are available through the Manitoba Health web site which provide information on recommended actions when a Boil Water Advisory is issued.

Drinking water supply systems in Manitoba are classified into three categories for regulatory and monitoring purposes:
  • Public water systems are those with 15 or more service connections, or systems that have been specifically designated as such.
  • Semi-public water systems are those systems which are neither public water systems, nor private water systems.
  • Private systems are those which supply water to only one private residence, or those systems which have been designated as such.

A copy of the current listing of Manitoba communities under Boil Water Advisory is available by the following reports:

Advisories - Public Systems (PDF Format).
Advisories - Semi-Public Systems (PDF Format).
Advisories - Area-Wide Private Wells (PDF Format).

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