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Water Stewardship Division

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Lake Friendly Accord and
the Lake Friendly Stewards Alliance

News Releases

Ontario, Alberta Join in Precedent –Setting Coalition To Improve Water Quality – Ontario, Alberta Sign Lake Friendly Accord, Building On Momentum To Protect Lakes, Waterways – news release

Manitoba Government Announces National Water Organization Joins Initiative to Improve Water Quality in Lake Winnipeg – Canadian Water Resources Association Signs Lake Friendly Accord – news release

Province Announces Manitoba Hydro, University of Manitoba Sign Lake Friendly Accord – Institutions Support Improved Water Quality for Lake Winnipeg – news release

Manitoba Government Announces Lake Winnipeg Foundation Signs Lake Friendly Accord – Foundation Committed to Action to Improve Health of Lake Winnipeg Watershed: Minister Mackintosh – news release

Minnesota to sign Lake Friendly Accord – Expanding Action to Improve and Protect Lake Winnipeg Watershed – news release

Red River Basin Commission Joins Effort to Protect Lake Winnipeg – Support for Lake Friendly Accord Grows: Minister Mackintosh– news release

Lake Friendly Accord Officially Signed by Federal and Provincial Governments, South Basin Mayors and Reeves – news release

Province Announces New Lake Friendly Accord, Stewards Alliance to Enhance Collaboration Across Lake Winnipeg Basin – news release