Workforce Development

Apprenticeship and Certification Board

Important Board Documents

Apprenticeship and Certification Board By-Laws

The Apprenticeship and Certification Board have by-laws that outline the general management and conduct of affairs of the Board and its functions under The Apprenticeship and Certification Board.

Annual Reports

Strategic Plans

The Apprenticeship and Certification Act requires the Board to prepare a strategic plan based on consultations with stakeholders to help guide and coordinate the apprenticeship training and certification system. Developing the strategic plan allows the Board to effectively meet the changing needs of apprentices and employers while maintaining transparency and accountability to the Minister of Education and Training as well as to stakeholders.

Under the Strategic Plan, the Apprenticeship and Certification Board has also prepared topic specific action plans.

Apprenticeship Futures Commission Recommendations

Target Groups Advisory Committee Report


The Apprenticeship and Certification Board is a policy-making body and these policies help guide the decision making process on the Board.

Regulatory: Board policies that are related to the regulatory requirements stipulated in legislation under The Apprenticeship and Certification Act
Coming into Force Provision Hollow Year
Designated Trainer Extension Standardization of Wage Rates Language
Educational Prerequisite Trade Deferral
Task Based Ratios
Program Standards: Board policies that are related to the technical training components of apprenticeship
Trade Safety Awareness Minor Changes to Program Standards
Accreditation: Number of Levels