Disease Control & Surveillance

Effective disease control practices can prevent animal suffering and economic losses on the farm.

Advice and information is available through the Primary Agriculture Branch and the Chief Veterinary Office (CVO).

The CVO also monitors slaughter condemnation rates and animal disease in Manitoba in partnership with the provincial Veterinary Diagnostic Services Laboratory (VDS).

Current Disease Response
Animal Health Issues
Provincial Condemnation Rates
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Information on animal health or animal health related issues and surveillance:


Provincial Condemnation Rates 

The Animal Health & Welfare Branch monitors whole and partial carcass condemnations within all provincially-inspected facilities in Manitoba to determine if significant changes have occurred. For more information on condemnation rates and reasons for condemnations in Manitoba livestock and poultry, please visit the Provincial Condemnation Rates page. 


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For more information, or if you suspect any animal health related concerns, please contact the CVO or call 204-945-7684.