Agriculture Risk Management Review Task Force

In recent years, Manitoba’s agricultural producers have been challenged by the changing climate and its impacts on production. Industry stakeholders have expressed concerns regarding gaps in the current core programming ability to assist producers in recovery.

SInce 2007, Canada and Manitoba have been providing ad-hoc support under AgriRecovery programming to assist affected producers in managing these impacts. AgriRecovery is a federal, provincial and territorial disaster relief framework intended to work together with the core business risk management (BRM) programs to help agricultural producers recover from natural disasters.

The Agriculture Risk Management Review Task Force was announced in the Speech from the Throne by the Premier and formed by the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development with the stated goal to work with industry to ensure that risk management tools are responsive to the changing needs of producers.

The task force is chaired by Bill Uruski, with members:

  • Derek Brewin
  • Doug Chorney
  • John DeVos
  • Frieda Krpan
  • Goldwyn Jones

Project scope 

The scope of this review was to consider the ability and role of BRM programming in maintaining a foundation for a profitable agriculture industry in Manitoba as it experiences the challenge of a changing climate.

The review focused on the changing climate and programs and tools that would be most effective in addressing production risk.

Objectives and deliverables

The objectives of the task force were:

  • to improve Manitoba farmer’s capacity to recover from risks/impacts associated with the effects of changing climate events on agriculture.
  • to transfer the unplanned ad hoc programming costs to more predictable planned programming costs.

The expected deliverables were:

  • a review of the current tools and their ability to effectively manage the risk as well as gaps in effectively managing risks.
  • identifying new policy and program opportunities that may advance the ability of the agriculture sector and government to manage risk issues and the economic impacts associated with a changing climate.

Research and Consultations

The task force hosted public consultations across the province in July 2015; provided an online survey for producer input; accepted written submissions and heard presentations from invited and interested organizations and researchers.

Additional research support was provided by the International Institute of Sustainable Development to inform the task force in its deliberations.

The task force extends their thanks to all who presented their information and personal experiences.

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