Business Management

The way you structure and manage your business can create a strong foundation for growth and peace of mind. Explore these topics and resources you can use to make sound decisions.

Business Assessment
As you make plans for the future, it's important to consider where you are today and how you can address opportunities and challenges on the horizon.

Business Structure
Many factors may influence the structure you choose for your farm or agribusiness. Knowledge and advice can help you choose the one that best suits your operation.

Farmland Ownership
When you inherit, buy, rent or lease your farmland, you need a business plan that covers all the consideration of ownership. Read more about this topic, including:

  • forms of ownership, rights and responsibilities
  • buying, selling, renting 
  • titles, transfers, legal contracts

Human Resources
High-performing farms needs high-performing employees. A strong, reliable, engaged team gives your farm a competitive advantage – and it starts with a good human resources plan. 

Successfully managing and planning your business success starts with you. Contact your local Manitoba Agriculture Office for the support, advice and resources you need to make sound decisions for the continued success of your farm business.  If you have questions, email us and a farm management specialist will contact you. 



Hiring an Advisor for your Farm (PDF 312 KB)
A good advisor can provide insight and expertise, helping you move your farm from where it is now to where you want it to be. An advisor can play a number of roles for you, and may save time and money when it comes to making important decisions.

Did You Know about the Farm Machinery and Equipment Act?
The Farm Machinery and Equipment Act is not well known among farmers, but has many valuable benefits to them.  The act, which is administered and enforced by the Manitoba Farm Industry Board (MFIB), protects farmers when they buy or lease farm machinery or farm equipment in Manitoba, by governing purchase, delivery and repair.

Expanding Your Farm Team
Everyone working on a farm has strengths and weaknesses. The weaknesses are often not addressed because of the demand of day-to-day operations. However, to maximize your profits, you need to have an accurate picture of strengths and weaknesses. This way, you can provide training and/or support for your team’s weaknesses and improve the overall financial health of your operation.

Strategic Planning Helps Farm Business
The way you structure and manage your business can create a strong foundation for growth and peace of mind.

Good Management Plan Can Add Balance To A Challenging Crop Year  
The mythical ‘average’ year appears gone forever and we are left with the extremes – too hot, too cold, too wet, too dry, prices up and prices down.  It makes it hard to plan what to do next.  Or does it?