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Contracts and Leases

The resources below provide a starting point for farmers as they develop agreements for use in their businesses. The samples are intended for general information purposes only. Please seek legal advice when entering into agreements.

Successfully managing and planning your business success starts with you. Contact your local Manitoba Agriculture Office for the support, advice and resources you need to make sound decisions for the continued success of your farm business.  If you have questions, email us and a farm management specialist will contact you.

Sample agreements

  • Cash Lease Agreement PDF (184 KB) or MS Word (197KB)
  • Crop Share Lease Agreement PDF (251 KB)  or MS Word (208 KB)
  • Cow-Calf Share Lease Agreement PDF (223 KB) or MS Word (188 KB)
  • Custom Cattle Feeding Agreement PDF (208 KB) or MS Word (180 KB)
  • Custom Pasture Agreement PDF (208 KB) or MS Word (162 KB)
  • Flexible Cash Lease Agreement PDF (193KB) or MS Word (206 KB)
  • Pasture Cash Lease Agreement PDF (179KB) or MS Word (195 KB)

Other resources

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