Financial Management

This section is filled with tools for making sound financial decisions for your farm or rural business.

You’ll find interactive Farm Software and Worksheets for record-keeping and decision-making as well as benchmark information to help you budget Cost of Production and Machinery Costs. The Risk Management and Tax Management pages will help you maximize the long-term stability and profitability of your business.

 Successfully managing and planning your business success starts with you. Contact your local Manitoba Agriculture Office for the support, advice and resources you need to make sound decisions for the continued success of your farm business.  If you have questions, email us and a farm management specialist will contact you.



Building Relationships with Lenders

How well do you know your financial situation? How does this knowledge affect your working relationship with your lending partner(s)? Does the strength of this relationship matter? You bet is does. Bankers/lenders form one of the cornerstones of the agriculture and agri-food industry. They have the dollars to help you finance expansions, market new products or help get you through difficult times.

The CROPPLAN Production Cost, Marketing and Management Calculator  enables farmers to estimate the annual cash cost of producing field crops on their land. Knowing the cost of production is essential to management, marketing strategy and risk management planning and to giving a farm the best opportunity for overall profitability.

The Beef Cattle Budgets and Tools enables farmers to determe the costs and returns associated with beef enterprises. Producers are encouraged to learn about these tools and share them with fellow producers. 

Your Farm's Immediate Future
As we head into harvest, many farmers will be out in the fields getting things done. While the final numbers on inventory won't be in for a few weeks, it is worthwhile to start thinking about how your operation migh look after harvest or round-up.

Every year, several new products are added to each company’s portfolio, and of course, to their rebate programs.  With so many options, how do you choose the proper chemical to use on your crops? 
Farm Planning and Analysis
Business decision-making is critical to ensuring success of farms in today’s ever-changing operating environment. Decisions need to be made before investing significant time and capital.
The Economics of Raising Replacement Heifers
With cattle prices up and feed costs down, many producers are contemplating holding back additional replacement heifers from their 2014 calf crop. But does this make good economic sense?
Mediation Services
The Manitoba Farm Industry Board provides mediation services for farmers and creditors under The Family Farm Protection Act.
Tracking the performance of your business is essential in making good management decisions. Over a number of years, this will show trends on where the business is going and hopefully identify issues before major problems occur.
Track Performance Trends on Your Farm
Industry benchmarks and guidelines can help you gauge your farm’s status against similar operations. But, the best way to track your performance trends is to compare your farm to itself.
Why Cash Flow is Key
Cash flow is crucial to successful businesses and is often called the king of financial management.