Marketing Management

Stay on top of market prices and trends for major Manitoba commodities by using the reports and analysis below.

For historic market and trade information, visit the Markets and Statistics section.  This section includes in-depth information on the Crops and Livestock sectors.  To link to statistics about farm income and expenses, visit the Financial page. On the Trade page, you will find links to agrifood export statistics, as well as many reports on global market challenges for the industry. The Food and Value-Added page links to resources describing the economic contribution of the industry, as well as sales and market trends.

Successfully managing and planning your business success starts with you. Contact your local Manitoba Agriculture GO Centre for the support, advice and resources you need to make sound decisions for the continued success of your farm business.  If you have questions, email us and a farm management specialist will contact you.



Weather and untimely rains can often create higher disease pressure, as well as producers struggling to get the crop off in a timely matter.  This combination can typically result in poor quality grain being harvested.  Marketing lower quality grain can create unneeded stress and grief for producers, however there are ways to cope with downgraded crops.  The most important part of marketing poor quality grain is being prepared.  Don’t panic, know the quality and find a buyer who will offer the best value.
If you want to maintain a profitable farm business, developing and evaluating a marketing plan is essential. Having a solid marketing plan in place will help you make sound decisions that minimize risk and improve your returns. Here are some important aspects to consider when creating a marketing plan.
There are a number of factors at play. The potential for price erosion, the amount of carry in the market, the cost of physical storage, quality risks and interest rates are key to making a strategic decision about grain storage.
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Marketing Contracts
Part 1: Understanding Fixed Contracts and Other Forward Contracting Options
Part 2: How to Use Commodity Futures and Options on Futures in Your Marketing
Victor Aideyan MBA, DMS, CAFA, Senior Risk Management Consultant, HISGRAIIN Commodities Inc.

2015 Market Outlook: Sometimes the Best Offence is a Good Defense             
Jonathon Driedger, Risk Management Portfolio Manager, FarmLink Marketing Solutions
Grain Transportation/Logistics: Issues and Opportunities           
Chris D. Ferris, Senior Grains Analyst, Informa Economics
Developing Your Marketing Plan
Part 1: 2015 Crop Profitability’s    
Part 2: Formalizing your Marketing Plan              
Write a Commodity Marketing Strategy for your Farm
Three straightforward steps and information on free tools available to get you started on your commodity marketing plan.
Canadian Grain Commission - Apply for a Producer Car Online
Producer car administrators and producers who are administering their own producer cars can apply for producer cars online as of July 14, 2014. To get started simply register and follow the steps to apply.

What is the Value of Hay going to be this Year?

What is the value of hay going to be in winter? A question many Manitoba producers try to figure out annually.

Are you affected by the grain backlog?
Grain backlog has become a problem for many Manitoba farmers because grain companies are unable to accept grain they can’t move. This has led to lower elevator bids, leaving farmers with the choices of either accepting lower prices or storing their grain. 

Marketing Plans Increase Success
Setting prices for your farm products can be challenging. Setting new numbers, reviewing previous numbers, knowing what your neighbours are doing, monitoring local, national and international markets...all are factors in setting your market prices. Your odds of success are greatly increased if you have a solid marketing plan. Marketing and Cost of Production Planning Webinar Series