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Ag Action Manitoba Program

Assurance: Agricultural Crown Lands Forage Productivity

The Assurance: Agricultural Crown Lands Forage Productivity pilot program enables Agricultural Crown Lands (ACL) forage lease holders to increase forage productivity and sustainability through beneficial management practices that support comprehensive forage management.
Who can apply?
Farmers, including individuals, partnerships, or registered corporations or co-operatives are eligible to apply if the project is conducted on a current ACL forage lease and the applicant is in good standing with the ACL program.
When is the application deadline?
Closed. Applications are not being received at this time.
What do we fund?
Projects must be related to forage management techniques that improve productivity and sustainability, including:
  1. Planning: Input from a knowledgeable professional to create a grazing management plan that takes into account forage rest and recovery, stocking rates, paddock rotation and placement of water infrastucture.
  2. Infrastructure: Targeted placement of key infrastructure components such as cross-fencing and watering systems can enable enhanced livestock management strategies.
  3. Rejuventation: Timely renovation of forage stands and management of encroaching brush can improve forage productivity and animal performance. 
How much may we fund?
There is a cost share ratio of 75 per cent government, 25 per cent applicant. The total maximum amount payable to one farm operation under Assurance: ACLFP is $30,000. This does not impact the existing program cap for Assurance: Beneficial Management Practices.
Making an Application:
  • Refer to the Ag Action Manitoba Program - Agricultural Crown Lands Forage Productivity Guidebook for more detailed information on eligible and ineligible costs and other requirements.
  • Each eligible farm operation should include all applicable activities (Planning, Infrastructure, and/or Reuvenation) and all applicable pasture or forage lease locations in one application form.
  • All ACL lease holders must provide a letter of support for the proposed project. This letter must be issued by your local Farm Production Extension Specialist - Crown Lands (FPES-Crown Lands).
  • Complete the appropriate application form and email the completed form and supporting documentation to
  • Supporting documents include:
    • A letter of support for the proposed project from a Farm Production Extension Specialist - Crown Lands
    • A diagram or aerial photograph that shows your project details
    • An offical quote for contracted items (if applicable)
  • Applicants must have a valid Statement of Complete for an Environmental Farm Plan (EFP)
  • Applicants who are livestock producers must have a Manitoba Premises Identification Number.
  • Applicants will receive a confirmation email indicating that their application has been received. If a confimation email is not received, please send an email without attachments to or call 1-844-769-6224. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

 Additional Information:

  • Once a decision on an application has been made, the applicant will receive a notification letter on the status of their project.
  • Applications will be assessed and rated by technical reviewers based on:
    • Environmental Benefit Assessment Index: The level to which the project addresses environment risk is determined using an environmental benefit assessment index (EBAI). The EBAI generates a rating of the environmental benefits that a specific land use change or other environmental practice (your project) would incur. Environmental benefit categories included in the program’s index are weighted to appropriately stress the objectives of the program and take into account items such as water, air, soil nutrients and biodiversity.
    • Provincial Program Priorities: Agriculture sustainability should promote a profitable and competitive agricultural sector, while reducing the impact of agricultural activities on the environment. Benefits include the potential for farms to reduce the risk of nutrient loss to water, mitigate and adapt to climate change; and increase the level of carbon stored in the soil. Adoption of on farm strategies that improve environmental stewardship can assist in mitigating potential nuisance complaints and enhance public trust of their operations.
    • Project Planning: Project planning proposals are scored on their ability to clearly show that the project design will result in the intended outcome. Projects must be adequately designed and applications must clearly identify locations, steps, process and intent, especially with respect to environmental benefit. The costs must be properly itemized, specific and realistic.
  • Successful applicants may be required to enter into a funding agreement with the Manitoba government before any funding is provided. The agreement lists the rights and responsibilities of all parties with respect to government funding. 
  • Submitted receipts must be from applicants to be eligible for funding.
  • Reports and itemized receipts or other acceptable proof of payments will be required to make a claim.
  • Payment will be issued according to the schedule stated in the funding decision letter and upon meeting all of the reporting requirements.
  • An audit inspection of final work may occur before or after payment is issued.
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