Financial Assistance

Ag Action Manitoba Program

Special COVID-19 Response Initiative 

This $3 million Special COVID-19 Response Initiative assists Agri-Processors, Industry Organizations and Industry Service Providers to adapt production processes and implement new strategies and technologies to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 and ensure the security of the food supply and competitiveness of the agriculture sector.
Who can apply?
Agri-Processors: Agri-food and agri-product processors involved in value-added activities to produce or package agri-products for market are eligible to apply.

Industry Organizations:  Associations, commissions, non-profit organizations, boards, indigenous government and communities actively engaged in representing agri-food and agri-product processors or agri-business members.
Industry Service Providers: Food distributors, abattoirs, auction marts, assembly yards and feed mills are eligible to apply.
When are the application deadlines?
Closed. Applications are not being received at this time.
What do we fund?
 Eligible activities must occur in Manitoba and can include items under the following focus areas:
Focus Area 1 – Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), testing equipment, and sanitation supplies rebate
  • personal protective equipment
  • COVID-19 testing equipment
  • sanitation supplies

Focus Area 2 – Business continuity initiatives, training and resources specific to COVID-19 mitigation

  • business continuity initiatives (pandemic awareness and planning)
  • resources (communications, technology, professional fees)

Focus Area 3 – Production process adaptations and equipment rentals

  • adaptations to production processes, facilities and common area
  • equipment to mitigate the spread of COVID-19
How much may we fund?
Activities are cost shared 50:50 between government and the applicant.  CAP-Ag Action Manitoba will contribute a maximum of 50 per cent of the eligible project costs up to $25,000 per applicant. Funding is provided on a reimbursement basis towards eligible expenses directly incurred by the applicant.  Applicants must include itemized invoices, along with proof of payment, supporting the eligible expenses with their application to receive funding.
Eligible costs are expenses directly related to the execution of a project incurred from April 1, 2020 to January 31, 2021.  Applicants must provide detailed costs for each activity in the application.
If an applicant has applied for, or received, COVID-19 funding from other provincial or federal sources for expenses listed in the guidebook from other provincial or federal sources, those costs are not eligible under this program.
Making an Applicaiton: 
  • Refer to the Ag Action Manitoba Program – Special COVID-19 Response Initiative Guidebook for more detailed information on eligible and ineligible costs and other requirements
  • Applicants can select as many focus areas as required on one application form towards a maximum reimbursement of up to $25,000 for eligible expenses. Only one application per eligible applicant will be accepted. With a 50 per cent cost share for this program, an applicant would be required to incur $50,000 in eligible costs in order to receive the maximum reimbursement of $25,000.
  •  All invoices and proof of payment are to be included with the application for funding. Scanned copies of supporting documentation are acceptable as long as they are legible and submitted along with the application form and emailed to
  • Applicants will receive a confirmation email that their application has been received. If a confirmation email is not received, please send an email without attachments to or call 1-844-769-6224.

 Acceptable proofs of payment are:

  • If payment was made by cheque - a copy of front and back of the cashed cheque or bank account statement showing the debit transaction
  • If payment was made by cash - an invoice accompanied by a receipt
  • If payment was made by credit card - a credit card statement showing the purchase transaction
  • If payment was made by a bank transfer or money order - a bank account statement showing the debit transaction
Additional Information:
  • Applications will be assessed according to the following criteria:
    • first come, first-served
    • applicable invoices and proof of payment attached to the application form
    • expenses are eligible according to the terms and conditions
  • Applicants will receive a funding decision letter and payments will be made for eligible expenses based on funding availability.
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