Ag Action Manitoba Program

For Researchers and Industry Service Providers

The Ag Action Manitoba program offers activities for researchers and individual agri-businesses and organizations that service the agriculture, agri-food, and agri-product sector.


If you are a researcher, you may be eligible to apply to the following Ag Action Manitoba program activities.

Researchers Activity                                               
Academic and Research Institution
Diversification Centre
National Researcher
Research Station

Research and Innovation


 If you are an industry service provider, you may be eligible to apply to the following Ag Action Manitoba program activities. 

Service Provider Activity

Auction Mart

Assurance: Traceability
Assembly Yard Assurance: Traceability
Association of Manitoba Community Pastures
Assurance: BMP: Managing Livestock Access to
Riparian Areas
Assurance: Farmland Beaver Damage Control
Business Consultant
Conservation Districts Assurance: Watershed EGS
Direct Food Contact Packaging Manufacturer Assurance: Food Safety
Farrier Assurance: Biosecurity
Feed Mill Assurance: Traceability
First Nation Community Band Councils
Food Distributor Assurance:  Food Safety
Human Resource Consultant
Licensed Commercial Kitchen
Licensed Commercial Manure Applicator
Livestock Transporter Assurance: Traceability
Northern Association of Community Councils Assurance: Farmland Beaver Damage Control
Sheep Shearer
Rural Municipality
Veterinarian or Animal Health Technician Assurance: Biosecurity

For more information on the Ag Action Manitoba Program for Researchers and Industry Service Providers, review the Guidebook (PDF 510.2 KB) for the Terms and Conditions.

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