Manitoba farmers to reap rewards of new five-year funding framework

Canada and Manitoba are contributing $176 million to support agriculture industry 

Manitoba’s agriculture and agri-food sector is on firmer ground thanks to the Canadian Agricultural Partnership, a new $3 billion, multilateral framework that supports the province’s farmers, agri-processors, industry associations, researchers and industry service providers.

Under this agreement, the governments of Canada and Manitoba are contributing $176 million over five years to fund a cost-shared, made-in-Manitoba program called Ag Action Manitoba. The five-year, federal-provincial-territorial framework, which came into effect on April 1, 2018, replaces the Growing Forward 2 program, combining the best of the former agreement with new, innovative ideas that are more client-focused and reflect the diverse needs of Manitoba farmers.

Under the umbrella of the Canadian Agricultural Partnership, Ag Action Manitoba offers a long and varied list of activities, services and investments for the province’s producers. In addition, new opportunities may be made avialable during the five-year term of the Ag Action Manitoba program.

Encouraging producer-led projects

Activities, as outlined by Ag Action Manitoba, are specific actions that drive a needed change towards sustainable growth, innovation and competitiveness, while strategic investments are targeted funds that actively drive the objectives of the Canadian Agricultural Partnership.

Robyn Harte, a swine industry focus specialist at Manitoba Agriculture, said the new framework puts greater emphasis on initiatives that come from farmers and the ag industry. “There’s a drive for grassroots ideas,” Harte said.

Harte said the framework calls for a greater investment in research and innovation. “Some of the areas being looked at are innovation in agri-resources and livestock— like crop breeding and production and handling technology.”

Something for everyone

The activities farmers can apply for range from assurance and training to market distribution to research and innovation. The focus areas are targeted to the diverse range of local farmers.

Special opportunities exist for young farmers to apply for funding under Ag Action Manitoba for training and business plan development.

As of May 15, 2018, the full list of program activities for farmers are:

  • Training and Consulting: includes skill development courses and training events related to transition or succession, farm risk management, and financial management. Also, includes initial professional consulting services for transition and succession planning, and human resource management and in-depth professional consulting services for financial planning and analysis.
  • Distribution and Marketing Alliances: supports projects that develop and enhance distribution networks and collaborative marketing of primary agricultural products. 
  • Assurance: supports the adoption of production, food safety, biosecurity, traceability, plant and animal health, animal welfare, farm safety and best management practices that lead to growth and sustainability in agriculture. 
  • Research and Innovation: basic and applied research and development, and strategic innovation investment related to capacity building.

Get started with Ag Action Manitoba

Farmers wanting to learn more about the Canadian Agricultural Partnership and Ag Action Manitoba can email Manitoba Agriculture or call 1-844-769-6224 (toll free).

Visit this website often for notices on calls for letters of intent and application deadlines.

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