Ag Action Manitoba for Agri-Processors

The Ag Action Manitoba program supports the growth and sustainability of the agri-processing sector.

Eligible agri-processors, including agri-food processors, agri-product processors, and abattoirs may be eligible to apply to the following Ag Action Manitoba program activities:

  • Capital Assets and Equipment: will assist with capital investment for modernization activities that enhance efficiency, productivity and environmental sustainability. This can include equipment purchases that support the transformation of raw inputs into value-added goods that bring new technologies or products into the production process; build more value for the processes by capturing value from waste products; and address the treatment and purification of wastewater. 
  • Market Development: supports market research projects, market access training, scale up production, product development, labelling and packaging, sensory and shelf life studies, and participation in tradeshows.
  • Research and Innovation: consists of two funding streams – basic and applied research and development, and strategic innovation investment related to capacity-building. Check our website regularly for calls for letters of intent.

For more information on the Ag Action Manitoba Program for Agri-Processors, review the Guidebook (PDF 475 KB).

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