Crop Diagnostic Services

Provincial Lab Services

Manitoba Agriculture Crop Diagnostic Lab is open and accepting 2022 samples for analysis.

Looking for help identifying diseases, weeds and insects of agricultural and horticultural crops?

Crop Diagnostic Centre (CDC) is accepting physical plant samples. The CDC operates normal hours of 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. Sample drop off time is 9 am – 4 pm. Drop off samples are submitted at the front desk reception. 
With consideration of both our responsibilities as plant diagnostician for the province and our responsibilities to safeguard our own health and that of others, a short guideline is prepared for managing our responsibilities during this pandemic.  
  • All production crop samples delivered via postal mail or courier service, and originating from Ag Extension Offices, will be processed. 
  • Close up/digital photos of plant problems with information sent via email is recommended.  
  • Walk-in (drop-off) samples are still accepted but a prior phone call is advised. 
  • It is important that agronomists/greenhouse operators/arborists and growers visit their Ag Extension Offices, where possible, with samples so they can then be mailed. 
  • Filling out the forms is mandatory for all other than City of Winnipeg Dutch Elm Disease program.
  • Non-production (home gardens, ornamentals and trees/shrubs other than shelterbelts) plant sample still costs $10 + GST/sample

The purpose of the Crop Diagnostic Lab is to provide extension diagnostic results for agricultural crop production and data to compliment the surveillance for pests completed by Manitoba Agriculture staff. A $10.50 service fee will be charged for all non-agricultural samples (includes home garden produce, ornamental plants, trees in home yard and lawn grass).

Samples can be submitted at one of the  AGR/MASC Service Centres or at the reception desk at 545 University Crescent, Winnipeg, MB. When submitting, all samples need to be accompanied by a Crop Diagnostic submission form. The following forms are fillable and can be printed to include with your submission.

Insect-Weed Identification Form 

Disease-General Diagnostic Form 

Pesticide Incident Check List

Pesticide Incident Reporting Form

Updates to the testing progress or results from the lab submission will be received within 7 working days, from when the sample was received at the lab. Samples submitted at a rural MB ARD office will take longer to have results received, due to transportation time.

Results are for basic and visual diagnosis only. Molecular results or specifics to a species level for weeds, insects and disease causing  agents cannot be guaranteed. 

Legal land description or town location where the sample was collected, must be included on the form when submitting samples for analysis.  If location is not included, the submitter will be contacted for that information. Without legal land description or town information, the sample will not be analyzed.


Crop Diagnostic School

To learn more about spotting problems in your fields, plan to attend the Crop Diagnostic School in your area this summer. 


Horticulture School

The Horticulture School provides horticulture producers with learning opportunities to improve yield and quality of their fruit and vegetable crops.  This event is of interest to market gardeners, vegetable and fruit producers.



Pest Surveillance Initiative (PSI) is a project of the Manitoba Canola Growers Association and MARD. 
Visit the PSI Website
  • Services offered: qPCR analysis for clubroot presence in soil; PCR testing for glyphosate herbicide tolerance in kochia (in-season).


 Other Crop/Seed Diagnostic Labs in Manitoba

20/20 Seed Labs Inc. - 3489 Pembina Hwy, Winnipeg, MB.

  • Services offered: Seed testing for germination, varietal purity, disease screening. PCR analysis Aphanomyces root rot of peas & lentils; Blackleg of canola DNA; qPCR analysis Clubroot of canola soil & plant tissue; Varietal ID of cereals; Vomitoxin of cereals.

Ag-Quest - Minto, MB

  • Services offered: Assay based (post-season) herbicide resistance weed testing, based on seed samples collected from suspicious plants of wild oat, green foxtail, cleaver, kochia, lambs quarters, redroot pigweed, sheperds purse, smartweed, stinkweed, wild mustard, etc.

Accu-Test Seed Lab - 2nd Ave E, Rivers, MB

  • Services: Seed testing for germination, purity, disease screening.

SGS Biovision Seed Labs - Alberta and Ontario locations

  • Services offered: Seed testing for germination, varietal purity, disease screening. PCR analysis Aphanomyces root rot; Blackleg of canola; qPCR Clubroot of canola soil & plant tissue; Fusarium in cereals; soil scan for multiple diseases; soil scan for weed seed presence; falling number analysis; herbicide tolerance testing in canola (RR, LL, CL) and soybean (RR, Dicamba).

Integrity Seed Lab Ltd - 8040 Park Royal Way, Winnipeg, MB

  • Services offered: Seed testing for germination, varietal purity, disease screening. Herbicide tolerance testing in canola (RR, LL) and soybean (RR); Vomitoxin analysis in cereals.


For more information contact an  AGR/MASC Service Centre