Manitoba Field, Fencing and Feeding Equipment Rental and Custom Operators Listing

Below is a list of Equipment and Custom Operators for Manitoba compiled by Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Development.  Please feel free to use the list to find a custom operator or equipment for rent near you.

If you would like to be included on this list or if there are changes to the information contained below, please contact your local MAFRD Extension Coordinator

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Eastern Manitoba

Equipment Location Contact Name & Number Rental or Custom Operator? Price Notes
Prairies East Sustainable Agriculture Initiative - Equipment Rental Arborg Prairies East Sustainable Agriculture Initiative, Inc. (PESAI) Phone: 204-376-3300 Rental   Click here for a detailed list of equipment and rental prices
Land Packer 51' Degelman Beausejour Agassiz Soil & Crop Improvement Association (ASCIA) Bruce 268-3059 C 268-5340 Rental $3/acre + $10 membership For use within district
Bin Crane Beausejour ASCIA Bruce 268-3059 C 268-5340 Rental $125/day + $10 membership For use within district
Laser Level & Scraper Attachment Beausejour ASCIA Ray 268-0161 Rental $25/day for level only $50/day for level & scraper For use within district
Tree Planter Beausejour ASCIA Gary 785-3638 Rental $25/day For use within district
51' Degelman Land Roller Beausejour Al Nickel 268-4792 Custom Operator $6.25/acre Will travel within 20 mile radius of Beausejour
Hitachi 20 ton  excavator
4 ton mini excavator
1.5 ton mini excavator
Skid steer
gravel and bucket compaction roller
Rock Truck
6 ton self drive hire or with driver
Lorette Jack Hambidge
custom excavating or rental
Post Pounder Sundown Randy Tkachyk 425-3631 Rental $125/day  

Northwest Manitoba

Equipment Location Contact Name & Number Rental or Custom Operator? Price Notes
Broadcast Seeder (quad) Ethelbert Intermountain Conservation District 742-3764 Rental    
Broadcast Seeder - hand crank (2) Swan River Swan Lake Watershed Conservation District 734-9550 Rental    
End-Wheel Drill (10ft JD)    
Broadcast Seeder (quad) The Pas Kelsey Conservation District 623-3353 Rental No charge  

Southwest Manitoba

Equipment Location Contact Name & Number Rental or Custom Operator? Price Notes
Rotary Harrow with Valmar seed spreader (1-34 ft) Hamiota Dallas Skayman 764-2290 Rental $5/ac Available for rent through most of western MB. Transport with a 3/4 ton truck. Need approx 120-150 hp tractor. Seeds approx 20 ac/hr.
Zero-Till Drill (12 ft, 1590 John Deere with grass seed attachment) Kenton

Woodworth Grazing Club

Robert Alexander 838-2143

Rental $6/acre For use in the RM of Woodworth

Heavy Harrows (33 ft hydraulic angle set)


$2/acre or $50/hour
20' Ag Shield Land Roller with hydraulic leveller Melita Gary Gervin 658-3423 or 522-6446 rental $5/ac call for more information
Broadcast Seeder (quad) Miniota Upper Assiniboine River Conservation District 567-3554 Rental    
10 ft Hay Buster (no till drill) Oak River Little Saskatchewan River Conservation District 566-2270 Rental $5/acre For use within the District.
Solar Off-Site Watering System Call Available for rent on trial basis within the District.
Broadcast Seeder - 3 pt hitch Reston

West Souris River Conservation District 877-.3020

Broadcast Seeder - hand crank    


Equipment Location Contact Name & Number Rental or Custom Operator? Price Notes
Mobile Cattle Handling System Cartwright Northfork Ranch Supply 529-2281 Rental $150 BASA membership required
Broadcast Seeder - 3 pt hitch Deloraine Turtle Mountain Conservation District 747-2530 Rental no charge  
Broadcast Seeder - hand crank no charge  
Portable Cattle Handling Facility $50 first day, $100 each addt'l day Includes use of 13 panels and neck extender.

Solar Watering System

Free trial period Photos:
Tye Sod Seeder (14 ft)


Min. $50, includes delivery and pick up
Ultra Packer (8 ft) $5/acre Min. $50, includes delivery and pick up
Bale Scale


Benchland Forage Consortium 385-6633

For use in the RM's of: Alonsa, Glenella Lakeview, Lansdowne, Westbourne

Rental $30/day (members $20/day) For all equipment rentals from Benchland Forage Consortium, please call a few days in advance to ensure availability.

Calf Chute (For-Most Calf Table)


$40/day (members $30/day)  
Calf Chute (Older with nose piece) $15/day (members $10/day)  
Chute/Scale (palpation cage) $60/day (members $50/day) $20 discount if washed
Cordless Drill & Probe for Feed Testing No charge  
Drum Rollers (2) $2.00/acre (members $1.50) Min $25
Hay Moisture Probe No charge  
Magpie Trap No charge  
Measuring Wheel No charge  
Molehill Levellers (2) $1.50/acre (members $1/acre) Min $25
Portable Handling System with Tub and 16 ft chute $240/day (members $140/day) Min $140 ($40 discount if washed)
Post Hole Augers (2) $30/day (members $20/day)  
Post Pounder (PTO drive) $100/day (members $75/day)  
Post Pounder (Honda motor) $100/day (members $75/day)  
Swath Turner $2.50/acre (members $2/acre) Min $25
Wand for Scanning Tags $40/day (members $25/day)  
Wire Roller $30/day (members 20/day)  
Aerator Holland LaSalle Redboine Conservation District 526-2578 Rental    
Seed Application Equipment   Drops seeds into holes
Broadcast Seeder (quad)    
Broadcast Seeder (Hand crank)    
Fencer (beaver) Manitou Pembina Valley Conservation District 242-3267 Rental $100/day For use within the District.
Mulch Applicator No charge BASA membership required for rental of mulch applicator and pipeline plow.
Pipeline Plow No charge
Bale Scale (Elias) - Air/Oil Pressure Pilot Mound

BASA 825-3512

Rental $25/day Border Agricultural Stewardship Association (BASA) membership required
Eco-Bait Applicator - for grasshopper control, truck box mount $50/day
Forage Drill (Tanaka Gas Powered) $10/day
Gyrorake (2 - Kuhn Trailed Single Rotor) $2.50/acre (min. $50)
Land Roller (38 ft Dutch Industries) $2/acre
Manure Tester No Charge
Molehill Leveler (20 ft) $1/acre
Molehill Leveler (Hay Land Float) $3/acre
Pasture Sprayer, 200 Gallon - comes with nozzle (50 ft coverage) and hand wand with 100 ft hose $25/day
Post Hole Auger(2 - McMillan Hydraulic, 12") No charge
Post Pounder (Flexicoil) $50/day
Post Pounder (Wheatheart) $50/day
Seed Broadcaster for ATV (Herd Sure) $25/day
Sod Seeder with Revolving Coulter (8 ft John Deere) $5/acre
Spray Applicator (Super Sponge) $2/acre
Tilting Table for sheep and calves (under 400 lbs) No charge
Tree Planter No charge
Wild Heerbrugg Transit (for leveling and squaring) $25/day
Wire Roller $25/day

Interlake Manitoba

Equipment Location Contact Name & Number Rental or Custom Operator? Price Notes
Watering Trough (Kelln Solar 2-64 K2, portable) Gimli

East Interlake Conservation District 642-7578

Rental   Trough for riparian projects within the East Interlake Conservation District.

Mulch Applicator

10' John Deere no-till Drill Inwood Gerald Tom 278-3334 Rental $10.00/acre  
34' Air Disk Drill Steep Rock Gary Iverson, 449-2010 custom    
30' Case IH Air Disk Drill Steep Rock Iver Bankert 449-2182 custom    
15' John Deere 750 no-till drill Steep Rock Ron Johnson 449-2297 or Grant Tober 449-2026 custom