Financial Assistance

Growing Assurance – Ecological Goods and Services

This program provides financial assistance to local Conservation Districts (CDs) to work with producers to implement beneficial management practices (BMPs) on farms to conserve and enhance ecological goods and services (EG&S) on the agricultural landscape.
This program will focus on water quality and provide other important environmental services derived from well-managed stocks of natural capital within the Lake Winnipeg Watershed.

• Manitoba Conservation Districts
Conservation Districts will work with farmers and submit an application for on-farm projects within their respective CDs (component one) or potentially as a joint proposal (component two)   
This program has two distinct components:

Component 1- Projects Available to all CDs            

Using a co-ordinated approach, the CDs will implement BMPs to improve critical watershed processes and increase the provision of EG&S across the portion of the Lake Winnipeg watershed included within Agro-Manitoba.
The chart below details some of the information available in the Growing Assurance Adoption Catalogue (PDF 416 KB). Included are the specific BMP categories and eligible practices.
BMP Category Practice Code Eligible Practices
Water Retention Structures 0701 Engineering and consultation fees
0702 Construction of water retention structures to reduce effects of flooding and drought and for nutrient recovery and other multi-benefits
Wetland Restoration 0801 Engineering and consultative fees to restore a previously drained wetland
0802 Earthwork, ditch plugs, and equipment rental
Constructed Wetlands 0901 Engineering and consultative fees to construct a wetland for wastewater treatment where one did not previously exist.
0902 Earthwork, equipment rental and consultant fees
Riparian Area Enhancement 1001 Alternative watering systems (i.e.: solar, wind or grid power) to manage livestock:  pumping, delivery, storage, power and pipeline construction equipment – only riparian pastures are eligible
1002 Buffer Establishment: establishment of forages
1003 Fencing to manage grazing and improve riparian condition/function
1004 Native rangeland restoration or establishment: seeding and planting of native plant species and maintenance of the restored or established site
1005 Improved stream crossings: costs associated with improved structures or removal of structures to enhance riparian condition
1006 Constructed works to stabilize riparian areas: contour terraces, gully stabilization, bank stabilization, drop inlet and enhanced infiltration systems, in-channel control, retention ponds and erosion control dams
Natural Area Maintenance and Enhancement 1101 Renovation and enhancement of naturally vegetated areas to improve the ecological health and function of forested areas, grasslands, wetlands or riparian habitats.
1102 Native trees and shrubs, native perennial forage seed, seeding, weed control, and materials required for renovation and enhancement of natural areas.
Buffer and Grassed Waterway Establishment 1201 Establishment of perennial tame or native forages along waterways. Eligible expenses include seed, seeding, weed control and materials required for grassed waterway construction
Perennial Cover for Sensitive Land 1301 Establishment of tame or native perennial forages on sensitive land (e.g. severely erodible or saline soils). Eligible expenses include seed, seeding and weed control.
Shelterbelt/tree Establishment 1401 Establishment of windbreaks, shelterbelts and block planting to provide shelter from the wind and to protect soil from erosion, or to reforestation of existing areas. Eligible expenses include native tree/shrub and materials required for shelterbelt establishment.
Component 2 - Targeted On-Farm Proposal-based Projects
This component is designed complement Component 1. Proposals will be accepted from individual CDs or two or more CDs as a joint proposal. Funding will be provided on a competitive basis for targeted on-farm BMP projects using innovative decision tools and/or delivery mechanisms, such as:
• Cost-benefit assessments
• Investment Framework for Environmental Resources (INFFER)
• Conservation auctions
The CDs will also be delivery agents for joint projects proposed by Manitoba Sustainable Development and Manitoba Agriculture. 

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