Manure Application Rate Calculator

What is MARC 2008?

The Manure Application Rate Calculator (MARC) 2008 is manure management planning software for Manitoba. MARC 2008 is a more advanced version of MARC 2005, which was adapted from NMan97 software for Ontario. MARC 2008 has been created in Visual Basic 6.0 with data stored in Microsoft Access. It is designed to:

  • provide improved record keeping for crop and livestock producers who use manure as a fertilizer;
  • provide an easy-to-use program that allows nutrient management planners to create multiple plans for multiple operations;
  • provide an extensive database of manure nutrient analyses;
  • provide the flexibility to create full crop fertilization plans;
  • allow the user to balance manure with commercial fertilizer;
  • allow field-by-field management of nutrients based on nitrogen and phosphorus;
  • allow split applications of manure;
  • assist with the calibration of application equipment;
  • automatically fill out manure management plan reports;
  • save, print or email reports as easy-to-read PDF files; and
  • assist producers in fulfilling regulatory requirements.

MARC 2008 uses the programming features of Visual Basic to make it user-friendly and the Microsoft Access database features to improve record keeping capabilities. MARC 2008 will automatically generate reports and provides the possibility of electronic submission of manure management plans to regulatory agencies.

What's in MARC 2008?

MARC 2008 integrates all of the extension recommendations developed by Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Development to help producers and consultants determine sustainable manure application rates.

Through a series of 14 screens, the user enters information on:

  • the farm location
  • livestock inventory
  • fields available for manure application
  • manure storage
  • manure volumes and nutrient content
  • soil test levels
  • crop nutrient requirements and realistic target yields
  • timing and method of manure and/or fertilizer application

Manure application rates can then be calculated for each field to meet the crop’s nutrient requirements for N, 2X crop P2O5 removal, or 1X crop P2O5 removal.

If a manure analysis is not available, MARC 2008 contains a database of manure nutrient analyses for a variety of livestock species. Individual farm manure databases can also be created.


MARC 2008 automatically fills in and prints reports for the farm location and contact information, animal unit inventory, storage information, manure information and the crop and nutrient application summary for each field that received manure. The field application summary should be used by the manure applicator to ensure that the appropriate rate of manure is applied to each field.

MARC 2008 also prints out the certification form for operations that are 300 AU in size or greater and that must submit land application plans to Manitoba Conservation.

Where is it Available?

MARC 2008 is available on the Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Development website. Anybody with high speed Internet access can download the software (EXE 6.8MB) free of charge from this site. Use this link to open the MARC_2008_user_manual.pdf (PDF 1.7MB).  Alternatively, a hard copy of the user manual and a CD containing the software can be ordered from either contact below.

Computer Requirements

MARC 2008 can be run on Windows NT Version 4.0 or a later. 

Contact Information

For information on MARC 2008 or to send in comments, please contact:

Marla Riekman

Petra Loro