Financial Assistance

Ag Action Manitoba Program for Farmers

Training and Consulting


Ag Action Manitoba helps farmers access training and consulting to expand farm business management skills and supports decision-making through planning advice and financial analysis. This funding will help individual farmers improve their understanding of how to grow a profitable farming operation.


Eligible farmers include:

  • existing, young (under 46 years of age) and beginning producers, growers and ranchers
  • individual, partnership, corporation, co-operative or any other association of persons actively engaged in farming


The Training and Consulting activity will be funded on a 50:50 cost share basis between government and applicant and has a total funding cap of $5,500.

Funding caps are applied to the farm business unit, which includes all shareholders. 

Within each activity, there are identified focus areas available for funding:

1. Training - Funding Cap of $2,500

Applicants must choose from a list of eligible courses provided in farmers training course catalogue below. The training will focus on the following areas:  

  • farm transition
  • farm risk management
  • financial management
  • human resource management

Eligible costs include:

  • registration fees
  • books and supplies
  • specialized software and decision-making tools

The course catalogue includes unique training opportunities for young and beginning farmers to help build farm business management knowledge and leadership capacity.

NOTE: The list of skills development courses and training events eligible for cost share can be found in the farmer training course catalogue (PDF 125 KB). This list of courses and events will be updated in July and December every year. Potential program applicants can request new additions to the catalogue in April/May and September/October each year. Email Manitoba Agriculture to ask for a request form.


2. Consulting - Funding Cap of $3,000

This activity helps farmers develop and tailor targeted plans to fit individual farm needs. Focus areas include:

  • initial professional consulting services for farm transition, human resource and risk management awareness (funding capped at $500).
  • in-depth professional consulting services for financial planning and analysis if expanding or diversifying a livestock operation in Manitoba (funding capped at $2,500).

    Eligible young and beginning farmers can also choose to apply for financial planning and analysis consultation when establishing a commercial farm business or purchasing an interest in an existing farm business.

Professional consulting services must be rendered by a consultant who holds a professional designation in their associated area of consultation.

In-kind contributions and professional fees for the actual planning and development of business structures like corporations are not eligible.


  1. Review the Ag Action Manitoba Program for Farmers Terms and Conditions Guidebook (PDF 732 KB) before you complete your application form to ensure you meet all the requirements for eligibility. On the application you will be required to state that you have read, understand and agree to abide by all the requirements set out in the guide.
  2. Download the fillable PDF application form (PDF 638 KB). 
  3. Applications with required documentation can be emailed to Manitoba Agriculture. Be sure to:
    • always save a copy of the completed application for your records
    • attach all required documents before sending
    • include your name, business or organization, contact information and the activity you are applying for in the body of the email
  4. When your application is received, Manitoba Agriculture will assess your application. Once the application is assessed, you will receive a funding decision letter.
  5. You must receive a funding decision letter before you start your training or consultation. Applications for training or consultation that were started before you received your funding decision letter will not be accepted.
  6. Applicants will have 90 days from the date of the funding decision letter to complete their training and consulting. Exceptions will be made for training activities that require a longer period of time to be completed.
  7. Only costs paid out after the date on your funding decision letter may be reimbursed. Any expenses incurred before receiving your approval letter, are ineligible, unless and except where otherwise expressly authorized in writing by the program administrator.
  8. When training and consulting is completed, submit a final report, including itemized receipts or other acceptable proof of payment to:
     Ag Action Manitoba – Program Administrator, 810 Phillips Street, Portage la Prairie MB R1N 4A4
  9.  Payment will be issued according to the schedule stated in the funding decision letter and upon meeting all the reporting requirements. 
  10. An audit inspection may occur before or after payment is issued.


  • Applications are received on a continual basis and bundled for approval every 30 days, subject to funding availability.





  • Email the program administrator
  • 1-844-769-6224


Applications are reviewed and approved on a first come first serve basis until funds are fully allocated.