Financial Assistance

Ag Action Manitoba Program for Farmers

Distribution and Marketing Alliances


Ag Action Manitoba will provide funding towards projects focused on distribution and marketing alliances to help farmers work together to access new markets and selling opportunities for primary agricultural products.

The focus is on new markets and opportunities to supply live, raw, and minimally processed crops and livestock required by buyers such as order desks, processors and exporters.

The projects supported will benefit multiple producers and reduce producer dependence on commodity markets. While the projects may assist in developing the supply chain for on or off-farm processing, direct assistance for developing a processed product will not be eligible. 


Eligible farmers include:

  • existing, young and beginning producers, growers and ranchers
  • individuals, partnerships, corporations, co-operatives or any other association of persons actively engaged in farming

Distributors, processors, industry associations and other farmers and members of the value chain can be collaborators on a project but only farmers can be applicants.


This activity has two specific focus areas of support to help develop and enhance distribution networks and marketing collaborations:

  • project development 
    feasibility studies, business planning, and market research
  • project implementation
    project design and management
    organizational development and formation
    enlisting and promoting participation in the supply chain
    development and implementation of production and quality control protocols
    product promotion, branding, and test marketing
    piloting start up operations of a distribution network or marketing alliance

There is a cost share ratio of 50:50 and a total funding cap of $50,000 for this activity. Project development has a $5,000 limit as part of this total funding cap.

The maximum contribution will be determined based on the merit of the project, but will not exceed $50,000.


1. Review the Ag Action Manitoba Program for Farmers Terms and Conditions Guidebook (PDF 540 KB) before you complete your application form to ensure you meet all requirements for eligibility. On the application you will be required to state that you have read, understand and agree to abide by all the requirements set out in the guide.

2.  Download the fillable PDF application form (PDF 1.7 MB).

NOTE : Before completing the application, farmers are encouraged to email the Before completing the application, farmers are encouraged to email the program administrator or call 1-844-769-6224 to be put in contact with a Manitoba Agriculture specialist. The specialist can discuss how your project may fit the funding criteria and assist in understanding how to complete the application. 

3. Applications with required documentation can be emailed to Manitoba Agriculture. Be sure to:

    • always save a copy of the completed application for your records
    • attach all required documents before sending
    • include your name, business or organization, contact information and the activity you are applying for in the body of the email

4. When your application is received, Manitoba Agriculture will assess your application. Once the application is assessed, you will receive a funding decision letter and/or contribution agreement.

5. You must receive a funding decision letter before you start any work on your project. Applications for projects that were started before you received your funding decision letter and/or contribution agreement will not be accepted.

6. Only costs paid out after the date on your funding decision letter and/or contribution agreement will be reimbursed. Any expenses incurred before the project’s approval is received in writing, are ineligible, unless and except where otherwise expressly authorized in writing by the program administrator

7. When your project is completed, submit a final report, including itemized receipts or other acceptable proof of payments to:

Ag Action Manitoba – Program Administrator, 810 Phillips Street, Portage la Prairie MB R1N 4A4


8. Payment will be issued according to the schedule stated in the funding decision letter and/or contribution agreement and upon meeting all the requirements in the funding decision letter.  

9. An audit inspection of final work may occur before or after payment is issued.




  • Depending on funding availability, the next application deadline will be Friday, September 6, 2019.





  • Email the program administrator. 
  • 1-844-769-6224


Applications will be assessed and rated by technical reviewers based on: 

  • capacity of proponents, soundness of the project, and likelihood of success
  • potential economic value 
  • degree to which the project allows producers new and enhanced opportunities to move away from commodity markets and participate in distribution and marketing alliances

As part of the assessment process, additional information may be requested from the applicant and collaborators, including copies of their financial statements or farm income tax return.

Approved applicants may be required to provide subsequent reporting on the project as prescribed by Manitoba Agriculture and described in a funding decision letter.