Farm Software And Worksheets

Put data to work for your farm using our interactive farm software and worksheets. These resources can act as a starting point for farm budgets and can be adapted to your operation using your farm records. This will help you make informed decisions for your farm and family. 
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  • Crop Production Costs  (XLSM 810 KB or PDF 1.54 MB) 
  • Irrigated Potato Production Costs  (XLS 1.02 M or PDF 2.3 MB)
  • Organic Crop Production Costs (XLSM 199 KB or PDF 3.73 MB)
  • Special Crops Production Costs (XLSM 179 KB or PDF 2.71 MB)






  • Beef 150 Cow-Calf Production Cost (XLSM 348 KB or PDF 1.4 MB)
  • Beef 300 Cow-Calf Production Costs (XLSM 348 KB or PDF 1.6 MB)
  • Beef Backgrounding Costs (XLSM 245 KB or PDF 2.4 MB)
  • Beef Feedlot Finishing Costs (XLSM 223 KB or PDF 1.2 MB)
  • Beef Grassing Costs (XLSX 92 KB or PDF 817 KB)
  • Beef Replacement Heifer Costs (XLSM 93 KB or PDF 1.3 MB)


  • Bison Cow-Calf Production Costs  (XLS 267 KB or PDF 1.2 MB)
  • Bison Bull Backgrounding Costs (XLS 225 KB or PDF 4.7 MB)
  • Bison Bull Finishing Costs (XLS 225 KB or PDF 1 MB)
  • Sheep Lamb Production Costs (XLS 218 KB or PDF 662 KB)






  • Hay: Round Bale and Silage Production Costs (XLSM 252 KB or PDF 1.2 MB)
  • Silage Production Costs (XLSM 233 KB or PDF 1.3 MB) 
  • Pasture Production Costs (XLSX 244 KB or PDF 1.8 MB) 




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