Contract Manufacturing or Co-Packer List

A contract manufacturer, or co-packer, is a company that manufactures and packages food for other companies to sell. Some companies offer packaging services, while others can help with formulation, production and labelling. Do your research to ensure their services are right for you.

Talk to a Manitoba Agriculture business development specialist to discuss your co-packing needs and for out of province opportunities.

This list is not inclusive nor an endorsement for services. Contact us to have your business added to the directory.

Baked Goods and Confectionary

Harvest Bakery and Deli

1857 - A Grant Avenue, Winnipeg, MB  R3N 1Z2
Contact:  Glenn Wilde
Phone: 204-489-1087, extension 2
Email: or
Service Details:  fresh, par baked, frozen bread buns, and baked goods
Certification:  Manitoba GMP/HACCP
Packaging Type:  poly bag, wholesale cases, bulk retail, palletized case shipping, small retail vacuum sealing
Other:  production and packing capabilities have room to scale up, location has on-site cake decoration and deli/kitchen for smaller scale sweets production, single main production line so products would have to adhere to allergen rules.

Cavalier Candies

185 Bannatyne Avenue, Winnipeg, MB  R3B 0R4
Contact: James Fletcher
Phone: 204-957-8777, extension 22
Service Details: private label sugar confectionary manufacturer
Certifications: Kosher, SQF Level 2, HACCP
Packaging Type: bagging, boxes, gable boxes, trays
Other: allergy free facility

Sweet C Bakery Inc.

1171 Kildare Avenue East - Unit B, Winnipeg, MB  R2C 3R7
Contact: Cory Poon
Phone: 204-291-6331
Service Details: cookie production - run through an automated cookie depositor
Certifications: Provincially Inspected
Packaging Type: n/a

Spices - Seasonings

Wild West Seasonings

48 Headingley Street, Headingley, MB  R4H 0A8
Contact: Rod Schwartz
Phone: cellular 204-999-5001, office 204-992-2104
Service Details: Bartlet form, fill and seal machine, pouch filling machine and packaging machine for shaker bottles  
Certifications: Food handling establishment 
Packaging Type: roll stock, pouches and shaker bottles

Uncooked Grains

Floating Leaf Fine Foods

GRP 525, RR5 Box 31, Winnipeg, MB  R2C 2Z2
Contact: Murray Ratuski
Phone: cellular 204-791-6639, office 204-989-7696
Service Details: wild rice
Certifications: BRC, Kosher COR, Non GMP Verified, Organic OPAM
Packaging Type:  pack remade pouches, boxes or bulk totes and blending dry goods to flour
Other: gluten and allergy free facility, and RBC standards to all co-packing and private label jobs

DeRuyck's Top of the Hill Farm

Box 153, Treherne, MB  R0G 2V0
Contact person: Dan or Fran Deruyck
Phone: 204-526-2066
Service Details: organic grains, flours and flakes
Certifications: Organic, Manitoba Health
Packaging Type: seed cleaning, de-hulling, milling, flaking, bagging; small paper bags, small plastic bags, plastic grain bags and plastic totes


Pitura Seed Farms Ltd

40088 Road 3 East, Box 2, Domain, MB  R0G 0M0
Contact: Tom Greaves
Phone: 204-736-2849
Service Details: cereals, pulses and oilseeds
Certifications: Authorized importers through CFIA, Approved BSF
Packaging Type: Clean seed and package in bulk, totes and bags
Other: Bulk seed establishment, select seed growers and processors

Adagio Acres

Box 718, Lundar, MB R0C 1Y0
Contact:  Amy Nikkel
Phone: 204-762-5892
Service Details: Gluten Free, organic grain milling
Certifications: Organic
Packaging Type: Heat sealed flexible pouches

W.H. Escott Company Ltd.

95 Alexander Avenue, Winnipeg, MB  R3B 2Y8
Contact Person: Don Kiely
Phone: 204-942-5127
Service Details: dried pulse crops
Certifications: HAACP, Kosher (OU)
Packaging Type: Three different style machines that can pack from 200g to 10kg or larger.  Can do pillow packs, pillow pack with zipper, square bottom and stand up pouch, box with liner, Ldpe film, laminated boxes and burlap sack.

Prairie Flax Products INC.

1/2 mile East of Junction of HWY #1 and HWY #242, near Portage la Prairie, MB
Contact person:  Jason Armishaw
Phone:  204-252-2940 (office) or 204-856-3313 (cell)
Service Details:  All co-packing is subject to Prairie Flax time schedules.
Certifications:  Canadian Grain Commission HACCP, CFIA, Kosher
Packaging Type: packaging whole grains/pulses or flour.  Small retail packaging or larger packaging: 10 kg, 20 kg, 25 kg, 25 lb, 50 lb bags paper of poly-woven, as well as totes 1000 kg max.



The John Russell Honey Co.

128 Victoria Avenue West, Winnipeg, MB  R2C 1S5
Contact Person: John Russell
Phone: 204-612-2337
Service Details: honey packing and custom packing
Certifications: CFIA registered


SnackMart Inc. 

Box 8, GRP 423, Beausejour, MB  R0E 0C0
Contact Person: Jan de Martines
Phone:  204-268-1542
Service Details: Frozen and fresh meat products
Certifications: Provincially inspected commercial kitchen
Packaging Types:  Vacuum sealer.  Limited research and product development.  Will rent facility and equipment for production and packaging or clients may bring their own equipment.

Vantage Foods

41 Paquin Road, Winnipeg, MB R2J 3V9
Contact Person:  Yves Moser
Phone:  204-667-9903 Ext. 222
Service Details:  Retail case ready packaging, export, further processing and value added.
Meat processing for:  raw, non-RTE ground meat, intact and/or commercial raw cuts, offal or meat by-products, meat sausages and non-intact tenderized meat
Certifications:  Federally inspected, HACCP, BRC Certification AA Rating, Gluten Free Certification
Packaging Type:  Meat packaging - modified atmosphere tray pack, modified atmosphere bulk pack, cryovac/vacuum packaging, vacuum skin packaging, overwrap trays

True North Foods

39079 PTH 13, Carman Carman, MB  R0G 0J0
Contact Person:  Calvin Vaags
Phone: 204-745-3068
Service Details: slaughter/primal boxed beef, bison and elk, no minmal runs
Certifications:  Federal Facility, BRC, Prganic
Packaging Type:  vacuum packed and boxed 


Notre Dame Creamery  

35 Provencher Street, Notre Dame-de-Lourdes, MB  R0G 1M0
Contact person:  Guy Roch
Phone: 204-248-2212
Service Details: Co-processing and packing services for dairy operations, Fluid milk, kefir, and butter. 6-head bottling line, conventional butter churn and butter press.
Certifications: Federal dairy plant, organic
Packaging Type: Plastic jugs for fluid milk and kefir (1,2 abd 4l), foil packaging for butter (1 lb and 25 kg boxes)

Prairie West

7-130 Omands Creek Blvd, Winnipeg, MB R2R 1V7
Contact person:  Nichole Wilson
Phone: 204-633-7031
Service Details: Co-packing services for ice cream.  Minimum run 4000 litre batch sizes.
Certifications: Registered dairy plant with CFIA.  British Retail Consortium (GFSI), peanut free facility
Packaging Type: Cardboard cartons, cardboard rounds, plastic tubs.  Various sizes: 100 ml, 500 ml, 1l, 2l, 4l and 11.4 l.


The Open Kitchen

Warren, MB
Contact Person: Peter Fehr
Service Details: Assistance with recipe formulation, ingredient and packaging sourcing, production, label desgin and NFT development
Certifications: HACCP development  currently in progress
glass bottles or jars
Other: Equipment includes electric steam jacket kettle, semi-auto piston filler, jars/bottles hand capped, 120 l minium runs 





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