Financial Assistance

Growing Value - Commercialization


This program provides financial assistance for precommercialization, commercialization and market development activities that move innovative ideas to market.


Eligible applicants include:

  • existing agriproduct processor or a new entrant who intends to operate as an agriproduct processor.

Applicants must be in compliance with all Manitoba and Federal Government laws and regulations applicable to their operations.

Applicants must also have an AccessManitoba client identification number. If you do not have a number, contact your Manitoba Agriculture GO Office for details.


Approved projects can receive up to 50% for eligible expenses including capital expenses.

The maximum program contribution to a project is $100,000.

Financial assistance is available for the following program areas of focus:

  • new product development
  • market research and development in domestic and international markets
  • value-added processing productivity improvements and related equipment purchases
  • adoption of environmental sustainability practices
  • skill development associated with adoption of newly established production processes that utilize new or innovative technologies.


  1. Before you begin working on an application, it is strongly recommended that you review the program Terms and Conditions and that you discuss your intended project with a Manitoba Agriculture Business Development Specialist for information and direction. Please contact Growing Forward 2 Program Officer to be placed in contact with a Manitoba Agriculture Business Development Specialist .
  2. Once you have discussed your project with a Manitoba Agriculture Business Development Specialist and you've been advised that your project is appropriate for consideration under the Growing Value Commercialization Program, download the application form and complete in full. Attach all required documents.
  3. Submit your application and supporting documentation to the Manitoba Agriculture Business Development Specialist you've been assigned to work with.
  4. Your Manitoba Agriculture Business Development Specialist will conduct an initial review of your application and may be in further contact with you to ask follow-up questions or to request further information.
  5. Your application will then be moved through our assessment and review process.  Applications are assessed on a competitive basis against all other applications that are received with each intake period. 
  6. If your application is approved, you will receive an approval letter. This funding approval letter will include a schedule detailing the payment and reporting process. You must receive a letter of approval before beginning your project.
  7. When you receive the approval letter, review the enclosed funding conditions. If you have questions about the conditions, contact the Manitoba Agriculture Business Development Specialist assigned to your project for help. It is your responsibility to get all necessary licences, permits and/or approvals before beginning your project.
  8. Sign and return the acceptance statement included with the approval letter to the address provided on the approval letter.
  9. Once you have received an approval letter, you may begin work and complete your project.
  10. As soon as a project deadline is complete, you can submit a claim and itemized receipts. When all information for payment is received, payment will be sent to you.
  11. Funding will be provided only for eligible costs directly related to the project as approved by the Program Administrator and outlined in the funding approval letter. No in-kind contributions can be claimed by the project. If the cost of an item on your application should increase after you have submitted your application, requests for increased funding support to offset the cost increase will not be considered.
  12. An audit inspection of final work may occur before or after payment is received.

Questions to ask yourself as you consider applying to this Program

  • Is your proposed project described fully and completely?
  • Did you clearly explain the project's benefits and do they meet the program's goals and expected outcomes?
  • Do you have a protocol for measuring the performance in your project?
  • Have you considered all expenses associated with the project?


Terms and Conditions (PDF 74 KB)

    Note: You must receive an approval letter from the program before you start your project.

    Applications for projects that were started before you received a project approval letter will not be accepted.

    Due to an overwhelming response, this program is fully subscribed and will not be accepting applications at this time. If you have any questions or are interested in being contacted if further funding becomes available, please send your inquiry to the following email address



    How your application project proposal is rated and ranked


    Project proposals will be assessed on the following program outcomes, particularly on their ability to contribute to:

    • value-added agrifood and agriproduct processing capacity in Manitoba
    • adoption of best practices and sustainable production processes in the agriproduct processing sector
    • development and commercialization of bioproduct in Manitoba
    • the successful commercialization of Manitoba based agriproducts and access domestic and or international markets.


    In addition, all projects will be assessed based on the following criteria:

    • alignment with one or more of the Growing Forward 2 objectives
    • alignment with the definition/intent of capacity building funding
    • extent to which the project incrementally contributes to the capacity of the project applicant
    • project costs appear reasonable and in line with other similar work
    • inclusion of a well-defined budget that is aligned to the scope of the project
    • demonstrated need/rationale for the project
    • broad impact/benefit across the agriproduct processing industry (where applicable)
    • project applicant demonstrates adequate resources, experience and skills to successfully complete the project