Commercial Community Kitchen-Food Enterprise Program

Description of the Program:
The Program will provide grants to assist non-profit Commercial Community Kitchens to purchase specialized food processing equipment required by food entrepreneurs renting their kitchen facilities. Applicants will have to demonstrate the interest of food entrepreneurs in using their facilities and how the equipment to be purchased will be specifically used by the entrepreneurs to further develop their food processing business.  

Eligible applicants are non-profit community organizations that operate a Commercial Community Kitchen that has been permitted by Manitoba Health, and make their facility available for rent to commercial food processors.   

Available Assistance:
Eligible applicants can receive up to 75% of eligible project costs (equipment and installation) to a maximum of $50,000 per applicant, per fiscal year.  Program applicants are responsible for the remaining 25% of project costs and must have funds in place to cover those costs.  In-kind contributions are not accepted.
Eligible Expenses:
·  Commercial grade food processing equipment including freight and delivery charges
·  Third-party installation expenses
·  Training costs related to the new equipment
·  Rental or lease of commercial grade food processing equipment from the Food Development Centre
Ineligible Expenses:
·  Project costs and activities undertaken prior to grant approval
·  Administrative and staffing costs associated with the execution of the regular activities of the Participant
·  Costs of financing
·  Good and Services Tax, value added taxes, or other items for which a refund or rebate is eligible to be received by the Participant
·  Any other expenditure which, at the discretion of the program administrator, is deemed to be ineligible
How to Apply:
The Food Enterprise Program is no longer accepting applications.
Application Form:
This application form is formatted so that you can save it to your computer and then type your responses directly into the spaces provided. 
If you have trouble downloading this form or completing your application with-in this form, please contact the Program Administrator at  or call 204-937-7030.
Terms and Conditions (pdf)                  
Who To Contact:
Annette Allen
Program Administrator
Phone: 204-937-7030
Fax: 204-937-3608