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Suppliers in Manitoba

Analytical Testing

Company Contact Web site Services/Products
3 M Elaine Schram
Manitoba Regional Representative
Tel: 800-265-1840 ext 7455
Mobile: 780 893 6410
3m.com Innovative microbial testing and monitoring products that help food processors to manage microbial risk.
Neogen Corporation Canada Sales Representative
Tel: 800 234 5333
neogen.com A full range of diagnostic test kits and dehydrated culture media to detect foodborne bacteria, mycotoxins, allergens, drug residues, sanitation concerns and other food safety issues.
Scigiene Douglas Wright
President - MB Regional Representative
Tel: (416) 261-4865
Fax: (416) 261-7879
scigiene.com HACCP monitoring solutions for hygiene, microbiology and temperature monitoring. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) traceable certification and calibrations.

Clothing Services

Company Contact Web site Services/Products
Canadian Linen and Uniform Service Mike Anderson
Sales representative
Tel: (204) 633-7261
Fax: (204) 694-1884
Toll Free: 1 888 258-2222
canadianuniform.com Lines of cleanroom apparels and disposable products, garments for the food industry. Rental and purchase options.
Quintex Services Ltd Ken Kolthof
Sales representative
Tel: (204) 477-6600
Fax: 1 (204) 452-5668
Toll free:1 800 432-5001


quintexservices.com Protective wear for the food industry: pants shirts, coveralls, etc. Rental and purchase options.

Industrial Flooring

Company Contact Web site Services/Products
Boisco Enterprise Ltd. Hygienic Industrial Flooring Solutions David Boisjoli President
Tel: (204) 233-8693
Cell: (204) 771-9618
Fax: (204) 233-7162
Industrial flooring specialist & consultants. Non delamination flooring solutions for food processors.
Silikal Industrial Flooring Silikal America
Tel:1 888 830-1404
silikalamerica.com Industrial flooring resistant to chemicals, detergents, oil, liquids and other spillages. Antimicrobial systems.

Nutritional Labelling

Company Contact Web site Services/Products
Food Development Centre Shauna Miller
Product Development Consultant
Tel: (204) 239 3162
Fax: (204) 239 3180
Toll free: 1800 870 1044
gov.mb.ca/agriculture/food-and-ag-processing/food-commercialization/food-development-centre/index.html Nutritional labelling services for nutritional content labels that meet the legislative requirements of Canada and other jurisdictions.


Company Contact Web site Services/Products
Mid West Packaging Limited Kathy Daley
Tel: (204) 661-6731
Fax:(204) 663-9359
mwp.ca Shipping and distribution packaging, retail and corporate packaging, counter/free standing POP displays, club store pallet displays, minor assembly, inventory management programs.

Pest Control

Company Contact Web site Services/Products
Abell Pest Control Morris Walters
Service and Sales Representative
Tel: (204) 783-3396
Fax: (204) 783-6925
Toll free: 1 888 949-4949
abellpestcontrol.com Service in pest management, innovative provider of pest control services and techniques such as the Electronic Site Management Program or (ESM).
PCO Orkin Pest Control Mary Hoogervorst
Tel: (204) 925-7928
Fax: (204) 235-0155
Toll free: 1 800 726 7378
orkincanada.ca/en-ca Pest control provider, effective and environmentally responsible pest control solutions.
Poulin's Pest Control Tel: (204) 233-2500
Fax: (204) 231-1156
Toll free: 1 888 768 5467
poulins.com Pest control services, specialized in all areas of pest control.

Safety Equipment

Company Contact Web site Services/Products
Allen Leigh Enterprise Chris Sobchuk Owner
Tel: (204) 728-8878
Fax: (204) 725-2234
cowcam.ca Wireless video monitoring systems including: alarm systems, reporting devices to two-way radios by Vertex Standard, CCTV equipment, digital video recorders, wireless video equipment.
Welco Harold Jaekel
Technical Representative
Cell: (204) 218-4461
Fax: (403) 279-8388
Toll free: (888) 279-8636
eriez.com Metal detectors, magnetic separators, pull test kit, X-Ray inspection systems.


Company Contact Web site Services/Products
Atlas Graham Dan Pagani
Tel: (204) 775-4451
Fax: (204) 775-6148
Cell: (204) 471-0390
ag.ca Manufacturer and supplier of innovative, high quality, cost-effective and environmentally responsible manual cleaning solutions to the professional market.
Ecolab Ed Lotecki
Tel: (204) 955-6990
ecolab.com Plant-wide cleaning and sanitation solutions, food surface antimicrobial treatments, industry-specific water management expertise.
E-Chem Ltd.

Anthony Perreault
Sales representative
Tel: (403) 532-2684
Fax: (780) 438-3033
Toll Free: 1-800-361-6348

echem.ca Consultation service as well as a complete line of chemical cleaners and sanitizers.
Germstar MJ Hutton
Director Sales & Marketing
Tel: (204) 668-8844
Fax: (204) 282-0089
Cell: (204) 470-6422


germstar.ca Provider of instant hand sanitizer solutions and touchless dispensing systems.
Zep Canada Greg Lecuyer
Zep Sales & Service
Fax: (204) 233 2083
Cell: (204) 999 7199
zep.com Maintenance, cleaning and sanitation products including detergents, disinfectants, hand cleaners, degreasers, deodorants.


Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Development does not endorse any of the suppliers included in the list. Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Development assumes no legal liability or responsibility for the results to be obtained from using these contacts.

For more information, email the CVO/Food Safety Knowledge Centre or call 204-795-8418 in Winnipeg.  


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