How to obtain an abattoir permit in Manitoba

In Manitoba, it is a regulatory requirement to slaughter an animal in a permitted abattoir if the intent is to sell the meat for human consumption. The only exception to this regulatory requirement is whole poultry carcasses, which can be sold at the farm gate. 

Meat processed in a provincially permitted abattoir can be sold only in Manitoba; not out of the province. A licence under the Safe Food for Canadians Act is required to sell meat products outside of Manitoba.

Additionally, permitted abattoirs must have a provincial meat hygiene inspector onsite during the slaughter operation to ensure animals for slaughter are fit for human consumption, treated humanely and the abattoir operates in a sanitary manner as per provincial food safety and animal welfare regulations.     

Regulatory requirements, standards, and guidance for provincial abattoirs  

Before setting up and preparing to operate an abattoir, review the following regulations, standards and guidance documents:

You can request a copy of the Manitoba Standards for Provincial Abattoirs and Smokehouse Guidelines by contacting the Food Safety and Inspection Branch at

Steps to getting an abattoir permit: 

1. Before construction/renovation, submit an online registration form and upload in the form a legible floorplan that includes the following:

  • species to be processed
  • building layout, including
    • live receiving/barn
    • stunning/slaughter area
    • carcass dressing/railing area
    • slaughter floor equipment/tool area (knives/ tools/split saw etc.)
    • carcass washing area
    • drip cooler
    • inspection station(s)
    • location of sanitizer/hand washing sink
    • location of hot and cold water hose
    • location of drains
    • inedible material/specified risk material (SRM) handling/storage area
    • the product flow
    • employee traffic patterns
    • breakrooms and bathrooms
    • retail area (if applicable)
    • inspection office/area (for storing inspection gear)

2. Alternatively, you can also complete a downloadable registration form (PDF 151 KB) and email it along with a floorplan to Manitoba Agriculture, Food Safety and Inspection Branch at or mail to:


Manitoba Agriculture
Food Safety and Inspection Branch
204-545 University Crescent
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3T 5S6


  • A meat hygiene supervisor and a meat hygiene inspector will review the registration form and floorplan. They will contact you to set up an initial meeting to discuss the findings of the floorplan.
  • If there are changes made to the original construction plans, either before or during construction or renovation, it is your responsibility to contact the meat hygiene supervisor to making the changes and to provide a new floorplan for review.

3. Arrange for a building assessment/site inspection with the meat hygiene supervisor when ready for an inspection. After the building assessment/site inspection is conducted, a report is issued with the findings. Once the concerns identified during the building assessment/site inspection are satisfactorily addressed, a permit is issued.

  • It is the your responsibility to inform the meat hygiene supervisor when the abattoir will be ready for the building assessment/site inspection.
  • If you have not arranged the building assessment/site inspection within a year of the date of registration, the file will be closed.
  • A permit is non-transferable with an ownership change. A building assessment/site inspection is required for a new permit.

Related requirements: 

  • A water-monitoring program is required for abattoirs using well water. An operator is responsible for sending monthly water samples to an accredited lab. Manitoba Agriculture covers the cost of the water-monitoring program.  For additional information, contact
  • Specified Risk Material (SRM) handling and disposal, applicable to abattoirs slaughtering beef, is regulated by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). Contact the Winnipeg CFIA district office to learn more about the requirements at 204-259-1400 or visit their website.
  • Depending on the number of animals slaughtered at the abattoir, an Environmental Act Licence for wastewater may be required. For more information, contact Environment, Climate, and Parks at  204-945-6784.

Additional information: 

  • Currently, there is no cost for an abattoir permit and inspection services in Manitoba.
  • Educational material related to food safety and quality can be viewed here: fact sheets.
  • A list of currently permitted abattoirs can be found here: Manitoba abattoirs.

For more information, email the Food Safety and Inspection Branch at